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HEY WHAT zone club did you shoot at ??

we shot at at a club called knox ?? they were cooking chicken, burgers,
fries 3 sides .................and to top it off could get some great targets to shoot at . CAPS :bolt CRUSHED 96 FROM 22(yU ONLY WISH YOU WERE ONT HIS YD LINe) HIS BUDDY CREATED A NO FLY ZONE FROM STA. 2 to end with a 95 ,,,,,,,,,,jon was in it to win it ... until his wingman brought him back to reality at the shoot off 23/19+ ??.......this was a great shoot !!!! but nobody realized we do this every sunday .........BRING YOUR A game
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This was the first year for a "split" zone shoot. Knox and Monroe were the two clubs hosting the shoot. I shot both days at Knox. The shoot was very well run, the grounds were beautiful in spite of all the recent rain and all in all I do'nt think the shoot could have been better. Thanks to all you folks at Knox for making it a great shoot. Pat Christopher

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I want to thank all the folks at Knox and Monroe who put on this shoot. All of their efforts and work paid off for the shooters who attended. Both Sara Dean and I want to thank the NE Zone shooters for your support and attendance in this our first ever split zone shoot. Both hosting clubs finished about the same time and the shoot offs went very smooth.

On a personal note I shot above my average for singles and caps and was able to gain ground on Tom Rhoads for our annual Knob Creek challenge. If this keeps up I can stop collecting aluminum cans to pay off my bet.

Thanks to all who came and participated. And thanks for electing me to serve as your NE zone director for the next two years

Roger Edgington
NE Zone Director

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Hi Sara or Roger,

Would you please post the names and winning scores.

Only got to shoot Monroe on Saturday, very fine shoot, hope everyone
had a wonderful time at Knox.

Thanks Bob Smith

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I promise that I will post results tomorrow. Please allow me a day to get my brain and body back to normal.

What a fantastic weekend for both clubs!!

I want to thank all those that came out to shoot and all those that dedicated hours and days at both clubs to make this such a successful event!!

Thanks to all those people that re-elected Roger Edgington--you guys will probably never realize how valuable he is as an OSTA director. I even appreciate him MOST days!!

Sara Dean
NE Zone Director

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First I want to thank the OSTA for having the confidence in Knox Township and Monroe to let us have the N.E. Zone shoot at our two clubs. I do believe it was a win-win for all involved, but Marengo is still a great place to shoot.

Noreen and Roger done a great job at Knox and I'm very sure Sara was just as good at Monroe.

I want to thank all the shooters, we had a great shoot both clubs.

Also everyone at both clubs who ran around like chickens with thier heads cut off, thank you for your time and effort, that's what it takes to pull these shoots off, and really gives the small clubs a good name.

And any one waiting on a check from Knox, they were mailed Sunday.

Thanks to all,

Dave Mowry
Knox Township Sportsman Club

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I shot Knox on Saturday, Monroe on Sunday and both shoots went very well. Most people do not realize all the behind the scenes actions it takes for a shoot to run smooth so a big thanks is in order for the staffing at both clubs.

Chris Hevener

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AA Ron Arter 199 and Ray Gajoch 199 Alt: Steve Stedman 198

A: John Sayle 199 and Kelly Dunford 199 Alt: Patrick Yochhein 199

B: Jonas Wheatley 195 and David Bacskay 194 Alt: Kenneth Gratz 193

C: Ryan Minyo 191 and Nick Galata 190 Alt: Gordon McBride 190

D: Austin Jacob 192 and Amy Petkovich 188 Alt: Lacy Tilley 187

Vet: Dan Petrovich 200 Alt: Jack Ashbaugh 195

Sr Vet: Ken Kamnikar 199 Alt: Alan Cope 196

Lady: Cindy May 192 Alt: Carole Carney 191

Jr: Tyler Thacker 196 Alt: Hunter Galay 192

Sub Jr: Elizabeth Ternes 194 Alt: Sam Scherbakov 192


AA: Joe Charnigo 99 and Drew Waller 97 Alt Randy Wilhelm 96

A: Rich Granatir 96 and Paul Marthey 95 Alt: Flip Jendre 95

B: Andy Kalejs 98 and Grant Winck 94 Alt: Anthony Fodor 91

C: Robert Patterson 94 and Jeff Fanello 93 Alt: William Wyer 90

D: Bob Blair 88 and Thomas Carney 86 Alt: Larry Teaberry 86

Vet: Otto Kocmit 96 Alt: Aden Kaufman 94

Sr Vet: John Sayle 96 Alt: Alan Cope 94

Lady: Cindy May 91 Alt Sara Dean 90

Jr/subjr: Nathan Stabinski 97 Alt: Ryan Minyo 89

Here are the handicap results:

Champion: William Young 96

Runner up: Jon Boldt 96

18 - 21 yard: Leonard Rock 95

22 - 24 yard: William Swanger 95

25 - 27 yard: Flip Jendre 95

Lady: Elizabeth Ternes 95

Veteran: Otto Kocmitt III 95

Sr Veteran: Kenneth Kamnikar 93

Jr/Sub Jr: Katherine Ternes 92


AA: Joseph Charnigo 390

A: Flip Jendre 388

B: Elizabeth Ternes 375

C: Nathan Stabinski 378

D: Lacy Tilley 361
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