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You know to stay in bed when you go to do someone a favor and make a deposit for them at the bank.

You hand the teller the deposit slip and the cash and she informs you that she cannot make the deposit or give you the ten dollars change because your name is not on the account.

To which I replied, I just handed you the cash for the deposit, give it back.

To which she replied, I can't do that.

To which I replied then give me the slip and the cash back. You didn't give it to me, I handed it to you.

She replied I can't do that.

I retorted. What kind of bank is this?
I just handed you that cash.

She replied, I can do this for you just this once and not again.

I said okay. It's a deposit, not a withdrawl. Just deposit the cash in the account.

Future politician? Lord help us.

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A friend went to the drive-up of the local bank he has used for years.

He deposited 3 crop checks totaling $123,000, and wanted $2000 back in cash. This was $300,000 he had deposited in 3 weeks.

She accepted the deposit, but wanted to see I.D. for the cash back.

He asked why, you didn't need it for the deposit, but you want it for a withdraw.

She locked up on policy, so he asked for it all back, and went inside.

He asked for a manager, and told her the story.

She said it was policy, and they needed his D.L. for I.D..

He said I will show you my D.L. when I withdraw all my money, and my fathers money, which he had full control of.

She quickly changed her mind(They both are multi-millionaires), and promised this will never happen again.

Policies can change, can't they.
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