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I have an SKB made Weatherby Orion with grade III/IV wood that just does not fit me at all. I have been debating whether or not to work on it and get it fitted or not, and have decided after handling many guns, that a Beretta or K would be a much better starting point. I know that most likely this will be a partial trade on my part, but I am willing to talk, or add other guns to the trade, so try me if you are interested.

Here is some info on the gun:

Weatherby Orion, blued receiver with engraving
26" barrels with screw-in chokes
Absolutely beautiful wood
2 factory chokes (sk,mod) and 5 angleport extended chokes (sk,sk,lm,m,f)
HiViz sight and all inserts/colors
Lengthened forcing cones (2" I believe)
Trigger work (very smooth)
Graco adjustable plate for LOP, drop, cant
KickEez pad
No spots on bluing, it is in excellent shape
Some small nicks on bottom of stock from safe (previous owner)
Original recoil pad included
I also have full set of Rhino tubes that could be part of the deal if the gun I am trading for has tubes.

I am looking for a skeet style gun, Beretta 682 or 687 with parallel or monte carlo stock AND adjustable comb. Barrels 28 - 32 inches and screw in chokes. Also interested in K32's or K80's that are affordable with same requirements on stock and barrels. If you think you may have something else that fits this bill and are interested, let me know as well.

If no trades look good, I may put this for sale, but until then let me know if you have a trade offer. More pics available on request. Thanks!
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