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Up for sale is a very hard to find Remington Model 1100 Competition Synthetic 12ga with around 1000 shells though it. It has been cleaned after every trap outing (yeah I’m ‘that’ guy) and is in like new condition. Multiple upgrades have been made to the gun in pursuit of the perfect trap gun (see below). The best of them being the Timney 1100 trigger fix which makes the trigger really nice.

Why am I selling it:
The issue is I am 6’6” tall with a giraffe neck and this gun just does not fit me, probably never will. So off to a better home with a normal sized human…

How Much:
$1350 - includes shipping to your FFL

-Cashier Check ONLY -Check will be certified by my bank -Gun will then be sent insured via UPS to your FFL dealer -I will send you the tracking number immediately after shipping

Other Notes:
This is a package deal – I can't break this up into pieces and parts. -No Trades at this time.

Standard Specifications Information:
- Polished nickel finish on receiver - Nickel-Teflon® finish on receiver and all internal parts - 30" overbored barrel optimized for 2 ¾" target loads and light field loads. - Adjustable comb and cast adjustment options. - 5 extended Briley Target Pro-bore choke tubes: (skeet, improved cylinder, light modified, modified and full)

Installed Upgrades:
-Timney 1100 trigger fix installed including the springs for a 2, 3 or 4lb trigger pull. -Birchwood-Casey shell catcher (greatly appreciated by your squad mate to the right) :) -Extended bolt handle -Extended carrier release
-Custom trigger shoe -1 additional Briley modified choke Spectrum choke I picked up along the way somewhere.

Additional Items:
-Remington leather and canvas lockable case with fold down storage area for chokes, etc… -All of the associated paperwork











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