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How much constriction are the U1, U2, U3, U4 in Thousandths of an inch?

Depending on bore diameter of your gun it will vary a little, but as an average they are approx as follows: U0 = .002",U1 = .005", U2 = .012", U3 = .022", U4 = .035"

Why does Muller Chokes only offer 5 choke constrictions?

Muller Chokes consistently produce the most even pellet distribution possible. You'll find an 'outer fringe' to our shot patterns that will give you an advantage you've never had before. Interestingly, you don't need as many different sized chokes as you have in the past.

Our U1 choke will give you a Skeet diameter outer fringe pattern, but break targets as far and hard as an I.C. It is like having two traditional sized chokes in your barrel (but less expensive and more convenient!). Likewise, the U2 gives you the results of an I.C and L.M. in the same barrel. The U3 does the job of both a L.M. and Mod. And, our U4 is like having an I.M. and Extra Full in the same barrel.

Muller Chokes will increase your average and put more X's on your score sheet.

The bottom line is this: Our 5 chokes do the same job as all our competitors 10+ chokes. We will save you space, time, confusion, stress and money. No longer do you need to own a Diffuser, Negative, Cylinder, Skeet1, I.C, L.M. Skeet2, Mod., I.M, Light Full, Full, Extra Full, etc.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts