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WTS K32/80 20ga Carrier Barrels&.410 Tubes SOLD

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This barrel and tube set has been sold. Thanks for looking.

For sale a set of 28" K32 20ga barrels setup as carrier barrels with a set of Briley .410 tubes. Barrels have thinwall chokes installed but there are only two and not sure what constriction they are. The .410s come with 3 chokes, two skeet and an IC. Bluing is good and they are currently on a 2003 K80 and work well. They were turned in to carrier barrels because a previous owner created a slight bulge in the lower chamber. Repair the the 20 ga chamber or just have fun with .410 skeet on the cheap.....$595 plus shipping.

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If it's a true "carrier barrel" the chamber and barrels have been bored out too far to ever shoot anything except a tube set and the ejectors have been modified for sub-gauge tubes.

If it's true carrier barrel a 20ga wouldn't fire no matter what you did to a bulged chamber.
These barrels have not been backbored. They were made into carrier barrels to repair a slight bulge in the lower chamber which was caused by a 20 ga. shell. They are now set up "Carrier" style with dedicated .410 tubes. A similar set of 28 ga. carrier tubes could be easily added or the 20 gage chamber repaired (which Briley charges $275 to sleeve). Thanks for the opportunity to clarify the barrels configuration.
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