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WTB unsingle barrel for citori XT

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looking for an unsingle or a top single barrel for citori XT.

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Pete: good luck on that request!

I have been looking here for an unsingle barrel for my XT for over a year. They show up occasionally and are usually snapped up instantly, and they are usually pretty pricey too. Last one I saw went for $2000!

I'd say, do what I do. Enjoy the gun the way it is. And forget about the other barrel.

Also the unsingle barrels all have high ribs so unless your gun has a high rib already, you end up with 2 different height ribs which is harder to fix.

The only other viable solution is to buy an XT combo which show up here more frequently, and are usually priced around $3500. And then sell your's

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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