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WTB pump action .22 rifle

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Looking for a shooter. Does not have to be in excellent condition. Prefer Rem or Rossi pumps but will consider other brands.


Tony Garza
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I have an older model Remington Fieldmaster 572. I bought this a while ago used and never fired it. When I did have the occasion I learned that it jammed upon feeding.
I then sent it to a local highly respected gunsmith for repairs, when it was returned to me it was placed into the safe for a few more years, until last year.
I again tried the rifle and learned that it continued to jam upon feeding, so now I sent it off to a Remington approved gunsmith in New York, for repair. Upon the rifles return I found that it continues to jam..
Cosmetically the rifle is 90% with very little wear noted.
Asking $150.00 plus $30.00 shipping to your FFL
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