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WTB Ponsess 800 plus

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Looking for a used 800B or 800 plus...freight would be to Virginia.

Dave E.
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Cadillac of Reloaders-
Ponses Warren L/S 1000
Set up to load all target to magnum loads, 12 GA in 2 ¾” and 3”, 10 GA in 3 1/2”. The only loader that can load lead, Bismuth, Tungsten, Hevi-lead, steel, HV steel, copper coated, HD (tungsten/bronze/iron). All upgrades including removable die turret, adjustable depth primer seating, bushings for 12GA and 10 GA, and all other upgrades. Spare parts, charts, loads, and manuals. (table tray to catch shot is recommended. Use the white plastic washing machine overflow tray from Home Depot), Shell funnel to carry finished shells through the table. Newly refurbished machine with very few reload strokes on it. Get ready to beat $29.99-$35.99 per box hunting loads this hunting season.
$985.00 Contact Sam Alston 404-964-3959
[email protected]
This is $1247.00 in options on the P/W website.
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