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I have an 800B 20 gauge that I acquiesced and accepted it in trade for an 800 Plus only because it was damned near brand new. It has the EZ-Fill Hoppers, and I installed my new hardened primer ram and primer seating post. Since I was going to keep it for myself, I installed the newest design Index Pad and Star Gear, so these go with it. It ships with the 800B manual and I guarantee it for a year as if it were new.

It's been sitting in my shop since like early June. I really was going to keep it a while, but I have four in here now for work, and I seem to be tripping all over these, as my shop is not that big. Plus I already have two mounted on the bench for my use running hydraulics.

I have been a P/W dealer since 1975, and I question why you want a 950. They were not a big seller. In fact I converted most of them back to the 900 die style. And, the center post design left lots to be desired because the entire indexing process was DEPENDENT upon that the small roller bearing in the center post. As a poor design, that roller wears out extremely quickly. I do sell a hardened roller, bit there is so much torque on that little bugger that indexing problems creep up often. That design should have utilized a small needle bearing instead of the cylindrical collar, but there was really no room for a needle bearing.

I can take photos, if you are interested. I want $450 out of it because is it one of the best 800B's I have ever had in my shop. If not, and now that you've caused a spark, I may just list it on eBay. It will ship in a genuine new P/W shipping carton to ensure its safe arrival.

Whiz White<BR>
S&W Supply Company
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