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WTB: OLD Purdey or Boss H&H....FINDERS FEE!

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I'm looking for an old Purdey, Boss, or H&H
Can go back as far as pinfire.
Any condition,
Single or SXS

Any leades appreciated, finders fee paid if I buy your find!

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What action type are you searching for; hammer, or hammerless; type of lock (back action, bar action); type of barrels (Damascus or steel); original barrels, replacement barrels, or sleeved barrels; are you searching for a light game gun, pigeon gun, etc.; London guns only? I have actively shot Vintage events with a host of doubles but my favorites are a Woodward Hammer, Boss hammerless sidelever and Francotte. If you can provide some of the things you are searching for as above I would be pleased to put you in touch with folks who may have what you want and with whom I have dealt with and can vouch for their business practices. Available budget you have to work with would also be useful because as I am sure you already know, the price range based on your limited description can vary from a few thousand to well over $100K. Wishing you all the best in your search. Lyle
Price range?? How about a pair of 20 bores?
Make plans to come to the 14th annual Southern SxS Championship & Exhibition. April 26-27-28, 2013. Sanford NC. at Deep River Sporting Clays. 70+ vendors.
Looking for something fairly inexpensive project here.

Already have a couple modern H&H....

I know there are some out there

Find me some?...
$ for you!!
I'm looking for an inexpensive K-80, and A Rolex.
Found and bought a Boss
Would like another, or a Purdey..

Keep looking!

Fee sent
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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