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WTB Bill Cole wood

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would like to buy Bill Cole sbt stock and forearm. Right hand.

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Ran into the stockmaker that made the stocks for Cole at gun show this weekend.If your interested I can send you his number.
Thanks. That would be helpful.
Star S Gunworks, 503-678-1835, Art Selnau
I have an extra set I was going to let go with my Cole when I sold it.

I have about $7300.00 in my Cole. The rib on it makes it shoot 80/20. Any offers? LOP is 14.5 I think. I had a smooth Decelerator pad installed on it and have the original ribbed style Decelerator pad that came on it. Mine is the later model with the narrow, tapered barrel at receiver and the weight of my gun is only 9 lb. 10 oz. The diameter is only 1.385 wide at the receiver. PM if any interest or offers.

The extra wood is about 14 3/16 and has Terminator pad. Also have an extra rib that I acquired and never used.

I also hand carried to Briley and had four Briley choke tubes made for me as per Bill Coles recommendations. .016, .021, .030, .033. I have only used the one that is in the gun which is the .030.

This was my back up gun I purchased used in about 2000 and I have shot less than two cases of shells through it. I have the build sheet from Bill Cole. PM if any offers. The extra rib and stock will go with the gun and the buyer has the choice to keep it or sell it. P M if any offers or questions. Ray



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Very nice, Ray. What number is your Cole. I have #7, and had #54, which is proudly owned now by a fellow in Iowa.
Mine is s/n 57. Bill would put any number you wanted if it was not taken.

From Bills build sheet he sent me:

Drop at comb is 1.5 inch.

Drop at heel is 1.50 inch. Monte Carlo stock with 4 way adjustable comb.

Drop / Monte Carlo is 2.25 inch.

Cast at heel; is 025 inch.

Cast at toe is .25 inch.

Has R/H (offset .025 inch) stock with double palm swell. Extra nice wood.

Bore is .735 Dia. .

Has a 400340 rib on it which is 80/20 and I think the extra one I have makes it shoot higher.

I had a pull trigger and a new trigger spring installed when I bought it. It was a release.

I had Briley do the choke tubes, as Bill said he sends his to them, and had 4 made. .016, .021, .030, & .033.

Bill also suggested the .016 choke for the 16 yard line, so when I had mine done, I had one made. I have the .030 in the gun at this time.
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