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WTB: Beretta 391 20 gauge buttstock

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I have 3 grandchildren getting started shooting & I am looking for a stock that I can cutoff & then add spacers as they grow. Condition is not a real big deal as I can refinish it. It does however need to be a wood stock.
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I have a 20 ga set that will fit the 391. Its the newer Xtra-grain style.
Mike Battista
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If you have a 12 ga. stock it will bolt right on to the 20. I know because I have a 12ga parallel stock on my 20ga. It is just a little proud at the receiver but who cares.

May help in your search,
Smoke I have a 12 ga stock on my 20 ga it was not a bolt on but with a fitting with a file to trim the inset part it fits very well. The height is good the top corners need trimming and the side width needed trimming also but was a simple 20 minute job. It is a little proud around the receiver but hardly noticeable.I did not want to cut the original stock to shoot sporting so used a old 303 stock I got from acess Wally on here

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