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WST Load Data.

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Have some WST that at some point I would like to use for some 7/8 oz 16 yard trap loads in Remington or Winchester hulls. However, all I can find from the powder manufacturers is 7/8 oz load data at 1325fps and 1400fps. Yikes, I'm looking for about 1200fps. The 5th Edition Lyman Shotshell Reloading Handbook lists 19gr of WST in a Winchester hull with either a WW12SL or TGT-12 wad and a 20 gauge .125" card under the shot for about 1200fps. Anybody used this or something similar? Thanks.

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What is wrong with 7/8 ounce at about 1325 fps? Using # 8.5 or # 8 shot makes a good shell for the first shot in doubles. 1350 fps is even better.

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Hi Don, my 1oz load is
Rem. Gun club hull
Ched. Primer
19gr. Wst
SL wad (cb 1100 12)
1oz #8 shot
Loads and works great. I have to use a smaller bushing than listed in the chart to get the proper weight. .423 for 19gr, I think. Good luck
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