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Wright's Chokes are alive and well

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I recently purchased a used Perazzi Unsingle MX2000 RS to shoot Trap with at the Sarasota Trap Club in Florida. The gun had been back-bored by Wright's and came with 5 Wright's Competition chokes. I was not familiar with Wright's chokes so I did a Google search for their website which just brought up an under-construction site with no real information. I then did a search for information on their chokes and found lots of positive comments regarding their work on many forums. I decided to send an email to the email address listed on their website to see what sort of reply I'd get as I wanted to order 2 more chokes and one of their choke wrenches. I received a reply this afternoon stating that they had the chokes and wrench that I needed. I called the number provided and had a very long pleasant talk with them. I placed my order and was assured it would go out 1st thing in the morning. Just wanted everyone to know they are alive and well and pleasant to do business with. I was told that their will be completing their website soon and hope to be active on Facebook and Instagram soon. Be safe...
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