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I have never done a lot of patterning to compare pattern density, etc. I do pattern at 13 yards for POI. A year ago, I picked up a really nice MX2000 TS with a .032 fixed choke. Got the POI where I like it and have shot it well. With the full choke, it does hit hard at 16.

Having managed to lose a few pounds, I took it out this morning to re-check my POI at 13 yards. Grabbed a couple of partial boxes of shells to shoot. One box was plain old Kmart Federals 1-1/8 8s at 1200 and the other was Gun Clubs 1-1/8 8s but at 1145.

I shot a few Gun Clubs and they made about 2 inch hot core holes in the card board. Just what I expected from past experience. I then switched to the Federals for a few shots and no more hot core holes, just patterns. I got out my competition AAs in 1-1/8 8s @ 1145 and they shot just like the Gun Clubs with a hot core hole.

Obviously, the Federals are producing a less dense pattern at breaking distance. I have never encountered such a dramatic difference and at only 13 yards. Make of it what you will. Pics below, the small hole are wad holes. Gun Club on top.

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