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For you that want to know...

After all the events have concluded,
there is often a Wolf Chase for
those who can't shoot enough.
What's a Wolf Chase, you ask? I
shot sporting for fifteen years
before I heard about it. For
illustration purposes, a skeet and
trap layout will do, but the game
can be played anywhere there are
clay targets. The shooters line up
on the skeet ring centered at trap
station three, 27 yards from the
trap house. Shooters #1, #2 and #3
are up first. Shooter #1 calls for a
trap target and attempts it. If #1
breaks it, #2 can't shoot, but if he
does, he's eliminated. If #1
misses, #2 can shoot. If #2
breaks it, #1 is eliminated,
and #3 can't shoot, but if he
does, he's eliminated. If #2
misses, #3 can shoot. If #3
breaks it, #1 and #2 are
eliminated. If no one breaks it,
no one is eliminated, and #1
goes to the back of the line. If
#1 breaks it and #2 doesn't
shoot, #1 goes to the back of
the line, and #2 becomes #1, #4
becomes #3, etcetera - the game
continues until there is one gun
standing. There. Now you know.
You shouldn't have asked!
With as many as five events and
a Wolf Chase, an Xtreme Clayz
tournament makes for a long day of
consistently extreme targets. If it
happens to fall on a day of
extremely miserable weather, that's
all the better. It gives one a greater
appreciation of the comfort of a hot
shower, a fire in the hearth and a
snifter of something neat.

Sounds fun enough even for the back yard.

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Sounds just like playing a game from the 27 yd. line named Suzie Q. In Suzie Q any number can play and the more the merrier. After the first target is shot the first shooter becomes the last and the #2 shooter becomes the first and so forth. Usually there are 2 buy backs before elimination starts ie. we run through the line twice and who ever missed a target and it was subsequently broken by the second or third shooters can buy back in for 25 cents. Lots of joking and ribbing going on. Joe

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Oh, to answer the question. I use Herco 25gr. Nitro hull, W209, Windjammer wad and 1 1/8 oz. of 7 1/2. A little dirty but slow ignition so it doesn't beat you up to much. 1275fps. Joe
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