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Wobbles - El Dorado schedule released

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To all you shooters that are up for the challenge of Wobbles Trap the schedule for the El Dorado Gun Club was just released.

Wobble events will be held on:
April 15
May 13
June 3
August 12

All leading up to the State Championships to be held over two days October 13 and 14.

The club has just expanded and added a third trap.

For all you trap shooters think that wobbles is just another variation on a theme then here is the throwdown - nobody, repeat NOBODY has cleaned 100 at 3/4 wobbles. Randy Shelton has a handful of 99's next to his name, maybe he can get it done this year, we're rooting for him (well, I'm actually rooting for me but Randy's a nice fella).

All you Sacramento and Central Valley shooters come on out to El Dorado and shoot the wobbles, this is a terrific club, run by genuinely good folks and they host a fun event. Would love to see some juniors out there too - last year we had a couple of youngsters that shot really well and they'll be out to defend their titles.