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First let me start off by saying "THANK YOU " to all the shooters that

partisipated in our Sunday Protections, and Calcuttas. We at Gun River

GREATLY APPRECIATE putting on the best shoot possible for all that shoot at

our facillity. Also we will be starting out first TRAP FUN NIGHT June 5th @

5PM till ???????.....we look forward to lots of fun and some great shooting.

Now on to the results: Calcutta one results:

First Place: Doug & Gary with 49

Second Place split: Doc & Brian / George & Mike 48

Third Place split: Hook & John Jr. / Claton & Tim D. 47

Calcutta two results:

Frist Place: Don S. & Hook 50 straight

Second Place: Clayton & George 48

Please allow me to thank: Joey Kiss for some great targets, Pat K. for Lunch,

Don Stevens for helping me with setting up the voice pulls, I greatly

appreciate one and all for making it a great time at Gun River Calcuttas.

I also appreciate all the wonderfull compliments from all of partisipants

It is so nice to hear your thoughts ( good or bad ). We are striving to make

out shoots one of the best in the area. Respectfully Yours: George Coffey Gun

River calcutta Director.........
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A few pics from Gun River Trap & Skeet calcutta 5/27/13
Community Grass Tree Lawn Team

Wood Furniture Sitting Recreation Table

Community House Cottage Tree Home

Community Picnic Recreation Tree Vehicle

Community Grass Land lot Grassland Tree

Pretty good crowd sunday with full squads and now the first calcutta board ...

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Today we had 12 teams for 3 squads ...

In first place with 49 was Doug E. & Gary Metheny good shooting guys..

In second 5 teams tied at 48 and it got down to 2 teams and they split Mike & George and Don Stevens & Steve .

In third 2 teams tied at 47 and they split Tim D.& Clayton M. and John & Randy Hook good shooting everybody now the second calcutta board .

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In first place with a perfect score of 50 Straight Don Stevens & Randy Hook (The Big Screen must of been in the shop this week )Great Shooting Guys ..

In second place a tie at 48 and Clayton M. & George Coffee won the shootoff.

Remember this friday Fennville Fun Night 5/31/13 & This Sunday at Bloomingdale Conservation Club 6/
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