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WMCC Fennville calcutta results 2-10-13

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Alright guys here is my first try at posting the results and pics from todays
shoot.Thanks to all the shooters for coming out despite the weather.Team
Fennville another great job!!!Trappers you guys are awesome at making a great
shoot.The pork roast and smashed tater lunch was fantastic.Special thanks to
Trevor and Zack for helping with todays program.Now for some protection pics
first then to shoot pics and the board scores.

In the first shoot in first place we had Doug E. and Brian L.,
in second we had a split with WC and Buck R. and Bryan L. and Mike B.
In third was Backup Bob and Clayton M. and in fourth Jordan D. and Doc
split with Scott E. and his ole shootin' pard Hank.
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Now for some more pics of the crowd and then the second board.

I will end this for now, but a special thanks to John S. for the
pictures.I will try to get more creative in the future just bear with
me for a few postings.Have a good good one, and see you next week.
Sorry for the slogan infringement XTXT.
Brian L.
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Impressive Club for sure. Love the cool photography on the web site. I thought I'd drive up there one day for a registered ATA shoot...But apparently Fennville Rod and Gun does not shoot ATA registered trap....Can anyone tell me why?

Why not drive up and try a calcutta they are a lot of fun (Try it maybe you'll like it)

Thanks Brian you are all right don't care what the rest of the guys say. lol

Great Job TEAM FENNVILLE thanks for all the awesome shoots!!!!

Have a good one

Don S.
Great job Brian - we all appreciate it!

Indycamster: Fennville has such a full plate of events that setting up ATA events would be difficult. I would like to see registered shoots at our club,but it would put a strain on our small group of volunteers that put on our shoots. NIce job on the post Brian. Perry
See that Don Stevens (Honorary Aussie) Sandbagger got your money again in the second Calcutta, no wonder he can afford a new gun every other week.

We were a wake up to him within a week or two when he shot at our Club here in Sydney Australia, we know a Sandbagger when we see one.

Good on ya Don, hope to see you next summer, Johnny is doing well and it is all looking good for the Grand and the Cardinal Centre.

Another thing what's all the White stuff on the ground our Grass is green not white like yours !!!!!


Gary, Johnny, Karen and all your Aussie mates "Downunder"

HAVE A GOOD ONE..................
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Good Day Mate

Gary see the bull still flows, no matter how far "Down Under" you Mates are.

Glad to hear that the Down Under Gang is still planning the jump accross the Big Pond. Chase has already planning his vacation,looking forward to it.

Tell Johnny bananas here are still cheap.The white is how we keep our food fresh.

Thanks for telling everyone about Sandbagging,they know its not true???

Have a goodone Mates

Don S.
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