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WMCC Bloomingdale C.C. Calcutta Results !!!

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Today started out cold and overcast but right on time with protections starting a 10am and the sign up at 12pm for the calcutta ,10 protection before sign up were shot with no problem filling squads despite the cold temps,a big buffet breakfast was served in the morning at 8 and lunch was hot and ready at 12 with homemade chicken and dumpling ,greenbeans with big chunks of potato and ham ,pasta salad and tons of homemade pies and cake if you went hungry today it was your own fault as always Bloomingdale put on a great meal and shoot for us ,lets see a few pics then the calcutta board...
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As you can see no problem filling squads today lots of shooters and great targets now lets see a few from in and around the clubhouse and oh yeah we have this Knucklehead Situation to deal with also..
Room House

Lets start it out with the Grand Poo Paa of trapshooting A.T.A Hall of Famer George Snellenberg showed up today but none of the Hanna Montana Knuckleheads yet !
Event Lunch

And speaking of George here he is sitting at the helm of the rummy table ,it wouldnt be calcutta sunday without a good ole rummy game going on between rounds..

And here we have John Sudekis trying to hit Clayton Marshall up for a loan of the money he just won shooting the new gun he's trying out but im not sure but i dont think he gave in ..
Recreation Shooting sport

And here we have Clayton again in the money with the new gun or else Rick Schanz is refunding him some money from the shot sale Matt Missed !!
Event Community Room Retirement home Lunch

Military uniform Army Soldier Troop Military

And a full clubhouse but still no Hanna Montana Knucleheads to be found !!
Competition event

And here we have Brian Lester and Perry Moore with Perry in deep thought hmmm we can only wonder what he's thinking did i bring enough backup shells or i wonder what the price of gas is gonna be on the way home or do i want cake or pie for dessert ,but at least he showed up thats more than i can say for some people.

And we have another thinker Tom Bennett thinking Mike how could you of missed that backup i only gave you one to shoot at !
Soldier Recreation Army

And here we have Zeek Seekman enjoying a break in the clouds soaking up some sunshine and watching the action now lets get to the calcutta board..
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Today we had 3 squads for 13 teams in the first calcutta and in first with the only 49 was Gary P. and Pat O. and in second with the only 47 was Buck Roberts and Harry L. and 3rd we had 3 teams tied at 46 and Jack Patton and Perry Moore winning the shootoff great shooting everyone ,now a couple more pics from today..
Room Event Training Seminar

A big thanks goes out to Joey Kiss and Anthony Seekman for running the auctions and great job as always Joey being a great trapper..

And Finaly i found a couple of Knuckleheads from the Hanna Montana Big Screen Club Randy Hook And Gary Metheny took time out to show up and shoot today missing members Matt (WHO) Ski ,Todd (Goose Salami) Delp & Steve (Marshmallow Treats) VV were no shows again....ok one last picture and i dont normally do this to make people feel bad but Matt you deserve it Randy went above and beyond trying to get you your free lunch today and you were a no show!!!
Easter bunny Ear Textile Room Rabbit

As per the requirments for you to get your free lunch Randy wore his footy pj's just so you could eat free now Matt dont you feel bad you let him down, another great shoot at Bloomingdale and thanks so much for putting up with us trapshooters ill add the second board with results later as i get them ...
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Feel the love! Lol. Great shoot today!

Matt Ski

Don't let up, some day they might show hope you have enough money to buy them all lunch.I'll keep some road kill just incase they show.(fat chance)

Have a good one

Don S.
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