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WMCC Bloomingdale C.C Calcutta 3/3/13 !!

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Bloomingdale will be having 2-50 bird draw caluttas sunday 3/3/13 protections start around 10am and sign up at 12pm for the calcutta yardage to be determined by popular vote day of the shoot ,hope to see a big turnout ....UPDATE on the menu for sunday is Chicken and Dumplings and fixin's and Desserts hope to see a big crowd...
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Thanks Doug

Bloomingdale is always a great place to shoot,see ya Sunday.

Have a good one

Don S.
steaks at edwardsburg c.c.meat shoot.3-3-13 lets see if i get sensored this time.....this is the web isnt it??,mark j
Best ball tournament at The Players in AZ. Need one more team.


Matt Ski
And making freinds and keeping them is still for those that think about what they do and write.

Don S.
Where is Bloomingdale? Is that the Bloomingdale in Ohio?
Mark, if Edwardsburg is having a meat shoot, you should make your own post. Tagging it on another clubs post doesn't do your shoot justice, no one sees your header-or knows what going on.Perry
perry,the post wasnt put on to promote edwardsburgs shoot,,dons last post is the reason i posted the post... my answer to that post is,,if friends are going to yank you around,whats the point of having that kind of friend??mark
Time for a group hug and for someone to start the "no hard feelings thread". I'll start.

Despite what Doc says, I'm sorry I called you a bad hard feelings.

I didn't mean to offend you by saying you love Barry Manilow and Cabbage Patch hard feelings.

Sorry I said Harry doesn't want you to shoot with you hard feelings.

Still hard feelings. Saying I can't fish is just wrong!

All the best,
Matt Ski
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Can't golf Sunday, I might have to make an appearance. Wonder if Doug would buy me breakfast?????

Matt Ski
Doug wont buy you breakfast but he will buy you lunch only if you bring Steve ,Todd , and Hook & Gary with you and Steve doesnt even have to bring marshmallow treats but Hook has to wear his footy pj's...

You just fell into the "Old SKI Trap"........... FREE LUNCH>>>>
Are you back on the Med's again.

DT.... Help me out here........

Who's Next........ You of all people see how this is playing out.

Doug is just trying to promote the shouldn't cost him anything.

I'll tell you what Doug, If all the "KnuckleHeads" show up, lunch is on me.

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Lunch and guarantee I won't draw Hook! Then I might consider :)

Matt Ski
Tiger Ski,

I'm going to have to work on the draw committee first.

By the way remember the calcutta yardages are determined by popular vote...........if only we could use that in the senior tee's we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rivers Yes i have been adjusting my meds but i still feel its a safe bet that all the ( KnuckleHeads ) i mentioned will not show up all at the same time how long has it been since you seen or heard of all of them all together except at Hooks for the sleepovers, and it will be well worth the price of admission just to see Hook shooting in his footy pj's...... Doug
Today is the day Matty FREE LUNCH as long as you fulfill your requierments !!!
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