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This Saturday 2/15, the Allegan County Conservation League will be a hosting a Singles Calcutta. This will be an individual shooter event with 50 birds being shot at the 20yrd and the second 50 birds shot at a handicap yardage calculated by adding 2yrds to the first 50 bird average. Shooting will start at 9am. Signup cutoff for this event will be 11am. The first 50 birds of the event will be shot between 9AM - 11:30AM. An auction of the shooters will be at Noon, with the second 50 bird being shot immediate afterwards. The cost of this event will be $30 per shooter with a pancake and egg breakfast included. The payout will be split 60% Buyer 40% Shooter. Places and Lewis places will determind by the number of shooters. All ties will be settled by reverse scoring.

Games will follow the completion of this event. Lunch will be served at Noon.

The Club Phone is 269-673-8116


Joe M.
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