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WMCC Allegan Calcutta Results 5/15/11 !!

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Today turned out to be a day that seperate then men from the boys type of day with the rain , We were a few shooters short today with rumors flying like wimps , fair weather shooters , sissy's and yet still had a pretty good turn out which the pics will show , absent today to name a few were hmmm Rick Ski (Rick we are giving the benifit of the doubt cause he prob was working ) Perry Moore , Bill R , Mike Lampon ,Chuck E ,Zeek & Anthony p.s. i thought that Power Rangers were tougher than that, Todd Delp , and Matt Ski showed up but once again the weather wasnt just right so he was in the corner in costume spying on us again , as for lunch Taco's , Spanish Rice , Develed Eggs AND Chips ,Thank You Allegan Gun Club for another great lunch , now lets get to some pics and the boards
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As you can see we still had a bunch of shooters that didnt melt away in the rain
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Heck Matt even Steve VV was there and not afraid to shoot in the rain !!!

And no thats not sweat on Randy from having to carry Gary in the protections

And a special thanks to Bre & Hayden for a great job today in the rain it was tough i know it .
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Oh yeah by the time we get to have Bre's great help again she will be a High School Graduate so be sure to congradulate her ..Congradulations Bre !! now the boards from the first shoot
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Even with the bad weather we still had a few good scores with 11 teams Tom B. & Scott E. shot great today with a 49 taking first out right Don S. & Buck R. taking second and Gary M & Kevin B. in third great job Guys ..

And a pic of the winners Tom B. & Scott E. great shooting ..
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And the second board with 6 teams, we had Steve VV & Gary M. taking first place and Hook and Don S. taking second great shooting guys in all the rain we had .

And the winners from the second calcutta Indiana Jones A.K.A Steve VV (nice hat) & Gary M. great shooting , now lets get to Matt Ski little did he know we knew he was watching ..
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Matt you have to get up a little earlier in the day to get one past a top reporter like me pretty sad excuse for a costume !!
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