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Where to start we are very fortunate in West Michigan to have such great clubs to shoot at and Allegan Conservation Club is one of the best, Great people that volunteer there time so we all have a great shoot they always draw a big crowd to there Calutta's ,today we had a 50 bird draw and a 75 bird pick starting at 9:30am with protection for warm up ,today i think there was 12 protections leading up to the 12:30 sign up deadline for the Calcutta ,lunch was served at 11:00 with Steaks on the grill done just right ,augratin potatos ,greenbean cassorole,deviled eggs ,garlic bread hot out of the oven and cookies and brownies ,if for any reason you didnt get you fill today it was your own fault Allegan always puts on great meals for there shoots and a big thanks goes out to Art,Scott,Ron,Roger,Joe,and everybody i forgot to mention for all there hard work just so we all have another great experience shooting today ,now lets see a few pics from today before we get to the results of the first Calcutta...




Today we was lucky with good weather which always results in full squads and lots of shooters




Today the wind made the targets tough but still lots of great scores were turned in ..

And here we have Hall of Fame Trapshooter George Snellenberger and his partner Buck Roberts waiting to go to the line and guess where they ended up at ?

Yep you guessed it there in another shootoff ,if you beat them they make you work for it !!

And here we have a familar face at Allegan Bob W. and a fairly new shooter to the WMCC Doug Evert watching the shooting and enjoying the day ..

And here we have the 3 STOOGES Larry,Moe and Curly A.K.A the Schanz Triplets or also known as Rick Schanz ,Matt Ski and Tim Schanz and im pretty sure Matt is getting low on shot cause you should of heard him saying things like boy you guys are shooting good today and i wish i could shoot like you , you should of seen his face when Rick said shots going up he then knew all that buttering up he was doing wasnt gonna get him a better price on shot nice try Matt , with that said lets get to the results from the first calcutta im sorry i didnt get a picture of the first calcutta board only the results in first place with a perfect score of 50 we had Steve VV and Zack Marshall taking the win and in 2nd place we had Don Stevens and Dan VH at 49 to win and 3rd went to a tie which they spit Matt Ski & Kenny and Jack Patton & Tim Schanz 4th at 47 was another split with Scott Essenburg & Bob Richmond and Harry L. & David P. and 5th went to George Snellenberger and Clayton Marshall even in the wind some really good scores good shooting everyone a few more pics before the second calcutta borad..

And here we owe a big thank you to Heather Essenburg and her brother Hayden for being the trappers for today and keeping everything running smooth today Thank You !

And here we have Matt Ski showing off the new hat Big Brother Steve VV presented to him for showing up today Steve thought since he is spending alot of time golfing lately he could us it on his league nights but if you revert back to last weeks post and see him golfing with his girlfriend im not sure id want to be on that Coed Naked League you judge , but it was a good day for Matt all his Stepbrothers showed up we all felt like it was a Ski family reunion

Here Matt is with stepbrother Trapshooting Legend Todd Delp (Do you know he has and shoot named after him at Mason )

And just the look on Matt's face tells you how glad he was that stepbrother Billy R. A.K.A B-RodSki showed up

And here we have Matt's Daddy Rick Ski with stepbrother Steve VVSki and lets not forget the most important Ski of All ...can you guess ?

Yep your right its Remington Ski the only one Rick doesnt want to kick out of the house lets see the second calcutta board ...


In first place with a perfect score of 75 straight we had Father and son team Rick Ski & Matt Ski winning and 2nd we had one team at 74 Billy R. and Harry L. to win and 3rd was 2 teams tied and Chris and Chuck E. winning the shootoff 4th was 2 teams tied at 71 and Steve VV & Gary P. taking the shootoff and 5th was 3 teams at 69 and Tim Schanz and Zeek Seekman taking the shootoff and in Dead Last we had Hank and Phil J. GOOD SHOOTING a few more pics and ill end this ...

And a picture of the first place team from the second Calcutta Rick Ski and Matt Ski , Great Shooting Rick did Matt tell you just to keep his share for rent since you had to carry him ..

And here is the dollar Matt was to cheap to put in the 75 straight jug so Daddy got it all...

And here we have Riff & Raff A.K.A Perry Moore and Anthony Seekman hanging out in the peanut gallery taking a break..

And somemore members to the peanut gallery John S , Don S. and Gary M. watching the action taking a break

And here we have Don S. (left) trying to help Gary M. (center) figure out if thats his gun or not and Randy Hook looking on thinking im glad Gary rode with me or i might never get home .

And here Randy says to me yes Gary is my partner in the 75 bird calcutta wish me luck , i dont know how it turned out thou cause as soon as they got done with the 75 birder all i seen was tailights leaving the parking lot i guess ill assume they gathered there winning and was in a hurry to stop for ice cream on the way home ..

Ok this is the last pic and ill end this but Randy Hook i thought you were smarter than that you get in a Rummy game with George Snellenberger ,Steve VV and Buck Roberts they are like the Rummy Gods did you feel like a Guppy in a Shark Tank ...ok ill stop Thank You Allegan Conservation Club for another great shoot see you next month!!!!

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Its been said and once again awesome job. I and many others look forward to seeing your posts.THANKYOU

Great job Allegan on hosting a memorable shoot.

Have a good one

Don S.
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