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Hey guys Anthony here with the calcutta results of Sundays shoot. But first i would like to thank the three trapers and the guys behind the bar because they ran a very smooth and great shoot.

The start out with the crowd.


Shooting sport Shooting Benchrest shooting Recreation

Blacksmith Artisan

Here have the hall of famer George S.

Event Lunch

Here we have Bre L., Roger H., and Art O. just a few people who make these shoots happen

Here we had the father and son team for the pick today Clayton and Brad M.

Fun Tree Vacation Recreation Landscape

Here we have Gary "let me ajust my gun" M. trying to talk bre into giving him a few extra targets

Shooting sport Clay pigeon shooting Shooting Recreation Soil

Here we have our local super hero "The big E" Eddie M. takin all the action in

Clay pigeon shooting Shooting sport Recreation Tree Outerwear

Clay pigeon shooting Shooting sport Skeet shooting Outdoor recreation Shooting

Here we have Perry and Gage gettin some free shooting advice from Aaron R.

Lets go to some pics of the calcutta

Clay pigeon shooting Shooting sport Shooting Trap shooting Skeet shooting

Clay pigeon shooting Skeet shooting Shooting sport Shooting Trap shooting

Clay pigeon shooting Shooting sport Shooting Skeet shooting Shooting range

Skeet shooting Shooting range Shooting sport Shooting Clay pigeon shooting

Headgear Beanie Neck Cap Photography

For both auctions we had the wonderful joey K.

Lets go to the 1st board

Text Number Games

Text Handwriting Font Writing Whiteboard

2nd board calcutta

Text Tile Flooring Square

Text Handwriting Font Whiteboard Writing

I just want to point out that i couldnt have done it without scott

Lunch Event Recreation Meal Table

as always i have to close with a picture of our local card sharks. Then we have a pic of our rookie card sharks.

Soldier Military uniform Army Troop Military

Thanks guys for coming out sunday. Then i would like to thank everyone who commented on the last one. Make sure you thank john S. for all the pics. See you guys next week at Gun River.

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Very happy to see someone take the time to submit a thread for the WMCC clubs an shooters! So thank you Anthony ! Also I want to thank Doug for all the times he traveled and never even shot all to drive hm and spend 2 hrs to bring us the pics and results of our awesome shoots! We are very fortunate to have great clubs and such passionate shooters to maintain such a strong program! Also a special thx to by far the best trappers that I have ever had the privilege to be around!!! Happy Holidays to all and may we all take notice and not take for granted what we have the privilege to be a part of. Vern

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I second what Vern said. Also great job again Anthony you are getting better every time. Oh yeah an awesome shooter too.

Sorry! to the squad that was shooting when I was telling a story and yealled "PULL" an untimely target flew.(I did get the LOOK)

Thanks to John S. for the pics

Great job Team Allegan it was a fun shoot.

Have a good one

Don S.
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