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Hey guys its Anthony here with the results of Sundays calcutta. Before i get started i would like to thank the allegan crew and the trappers.

First i would like to start with the protections

Snow Winter Freezing Blizzard Sky

Snow Winter Freezing Blizzard Recreation

Snow Winter Freezing Ice Recreation

Snow Winter Freezing Atmospheric phenomenon Ice

Snow Blizzard Winter storm Winter Freezing

Snow Winter storm Blizzard Winter Army

Now lets go to the crowd

Room Building Ceiling

Snow Winter Winter storm Blizzard Shovel

Here's bre hard at work

Here we have Best Friend's Forever Dave M. and Don S.

Tartan Plaid Design Outerwear Room

Here we have Pat K. and Bob W.

Headgear Fashion accessory

Looks like Aaron found a new partner

Here we have Scott E. and his partner in crime Denny O.

Snow Winter storm Winter Blizzard Army

Here is some of our WMCC cheerleaders

Now lets go to the Calcutta boards

Headgear Cap

Trevor B. did both auctions sunday

Tile Font Architecture Number

Text Handwriting Whiteboard Font Writing

1st Board

Text Architecture Number Square

Text Font Handwriting Writing Room

2nd Board

As always i have to close with a picture odf our local card sharks


Thanks guys for coming to Allegan. Also thanks for all the comments and views on my post's. Make sure you guys thank John Sudeikis for all the pictures. Hope to see you guys next week at Gun River.

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Hey Anthony

Great job on the post,also thanks John for the pics. Once again gerat job Team allegan good shoot.

I know Ed will be watching.

Don s.
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