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WMCC Allegan C.C Calcutta Results 3/17/13 !!!

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Today we had a COLD north wind our faces which made for tough shooting but the didnt discourage alot of the shooters with lots of people showing up today for a big turnout ,we were still missing a few guys but we will get to them later,lots of protections were shot today before the calcutta deadline and thanks to Bre Leeuw & Joey Kiss for doing a great job as always i know it must of been pretty cold all those rounds pulling for us , lunch today was BBQ Beef or BBQ Chicken sandwichs potates salads ,macaroni salad,chips and desserts Thanks Allegan C.C. for all you do to make it a great shoot each month for us ,now a few pics

As you can see lots of shooters with alot of familar faces with the likes of say Jack Patton Tim and Rick Schanz ,Mike Bork & father and son team Lou and Pat O. but still missing a few like say Anthony and Zeek Seekman oh thats right they had to make a emergency run down to the Silver Dollar in Florida to bring Perry Moore some extra batteries for his Hover Round Chair but still missing a couple guys ..

Full Squads everytime lots of shooters today despite the cold wind i seen alot of handwarmers being opened and used today ,dang i could of made a fortune if i had brought some extras..

We Had Tom Bennett and Trevor Bouma stop by today to shoot ..

And Bob Waychoff and Quincy Dunlap discussing who knows what maybe how are the gills biting this week or whats for lunch ...we even had some shockers today from guys from Hook's gang showing up today

We had Gang Member Todd Delp here talking with B-Rod and Harry L. thanks for the goose salami Todd ..

And Gang Member Steve VV here with another Steve and by the looks on Big Steve's face i wont even comment but thanks to Steve vv for the marshmallow treats ...but still no Hook or Matt Ski...

And then came the Auction for the calcutta Thanks to Tom Bouma for running the Auctions it always a big help ,And do you see who that is in the center of this last pic yes it Hooks Gang Member Gary Metheny front and center and i asked him where Matt and Hook was he said he would show me later lets get to the calcutta board...

Today we had 4 squads for 20 teams today a pretty good turnout and in first place with the lone score of 48 was Tim Schanz and Bob Richmond and in second place we had 4 teams tied at 47 and Steve VV and Vean Beasley winning the shootoff in 3rd we had the lone score of 46 with Todd Delp and Eddie Marshall for 3rd and 4th a tie at 45 and Doc and George Coffee with that shootoff Great shooting everyone in the cold today

And a pic of the first place winners in the first calcutta Tim Schanz and Bob Richmond great shooting guys and i hope i can get some pics from the second board maybe from Roder H.. i hope now a few more pics ..

What would a calcutta be without a rummy game going on of course with Steve VV,Zach Marshall,Don Stevens and Hall of Famer George Snellenberg but still no Matt and Hook..

We even got Big Daddy to stop by Rick Ski and i asked him where where Matt was he said he was home washing his balls (i guess he ment golf balls getting ready for golf this spring) but little did he know Matt wasnt at home...

And here we have Gary Mteheny coming clean and telling me where they were at he is searching for the pic he took today at Hook's when he dropped off the pot of chili to them...

Here they are it was a costume party at Hooks this week and here is Randy and Matt with what i can only guess is enjoying there pot of chili and some Green Beer ,, Thanks again Allegan Conservation Club for another Great shoot as always and thanks to all the volunteers who make it possible ...ill add the results from the second board if i can see you all next week at Gun River Trap and Skeet...
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You get better every post I over heard Rick and Tim talking raise not sure how much, but sure it will be substantial.

Once again TEAM ALLEGAN you pulled the rabbit out of the hat,GREAT SHOOT.

Have a good one

Don S.
Thanks Hook for the great corned beef! It was excellent! Nothing better than good food when your watching Hanna Montana marathons.

Matt Ski
Thanks to seekmans, my hoveround chair is back in business. Anthony is giving lessons in singles this [email protected] the dollar.perry
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