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Today at Allegan Gun Club we had 2 Calcutta's one 75 bird 3 man and a 50 bird 2 man ,weather was a factor with wind and cold temps but that didn't stop a good turnout for the shoot today and of course it probably didn't hurt that they had a fish fry and fries and tacos and all the trimming for lunch the fish went fast but plenty of tacos to fill you up if you needed more ,as always Allegan out did themselves thank you to everybody at Allegan and a special thanks to the trappers Bre and Logan for there great work ..Special Thanks to John Sudekis for all the pics this week Great job some pics





As you can see lots of snow piled up but also lots of shooters enjoy the shoot and getting some fresh air..

We had Don Stevens and Tim Schanz stop by today and as you can see Tim is trying to explain the trapshooting rules of engagement for shooting in the snow shoot them quick so we can get back inside and warm up between rounds .

We even had the legendary George Snellenberger stop in today ,here he is coaching Trevor Bouma on how to break more targets keep your head down and keep moving with the target !

And of course the sunday Rummy game ,cant tell who is winning though.

And a full clubhouse between rounds waiting to go out .

And another staple of the sunday shoots showed up Gary Metheny shortly after this pic was taken he was seen dancing around the clubhouse singing Winner Winner Chicken Dinner for reasons you will find out later !

And here is a pic of Randy Hook ...OH that's right he didn't show up Him and Matty Ski must of had another of the Golden Girls Marathon Days the first Calcutta board..

In the first Calcutta we had 3 squads for 33 shooters ..

And in first place with a 73 was Gary Metheny,George Snellenberger & Brad Marshall .. so that's why Gary was singing that song good shooting guys..

And in second place a 71 was tied and Trevor Bouma ,Tom & Wayne won the shootoff..

And in third place at 70 3 teams tied and Tim Schanz,Harry Lousman & Denny won the shoot off..

And in the second Calcutta we had 3 squads for 12 teams ..

And in first place with a 49 were Ken Sims & Phil Jones great shooting..

And in second a tie at 48 and they split Mike Bork & Brad Marshall and Dan VH & Big Steve ..

And in third at George Snellenberger & Zack Marshall...

Another great day at Allegan gun Club thank you to everybody that helped to make it possible and remember Bloomingdale Conservation Club next sunday ...SPECIAL THANKS goes out to John Sudekis for all the GREAT pics also

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Thanks Doug

I know lots of shooters look forward to your posts and pics You are appreciated more than you think.

Yes is was a good day at Allegan gun club great Job Team Allegan. It does take team work to have good shoots. Keep up the good work.

Where is Hook nice pic of snow bank though. Randy your letting Gary run off with all the money. I heard him talking to Schanz's about buying 8lbs of powder and a full bag of shot. WOW

Have a good one

Don S.

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With all that money Gary's winning, he's buying new shells.

How many double guns did Doc have in the 3-man event.


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I was in that snow bank Gary covered me up so no one would know I was there and he wouldn't have to shoot with me.

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