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Thank you to every one that showed up, hopefully a good time was had by all. Sorry about the pumpkin pie, it was supposed to be good.

75 bird pick

Rick and Matt 74

Jack and Ken 71

Chuck and Chris 70

50 bird draw

Todd and Matt 50

Mike and Ken - won shoot off 49

George and Chris 49

Rick and Chuck won shoot off 45

Doc and Jack 45

Gary and Mike B 45

We will continue to shoot the 75 bird pick if that is what everybody would like to shoot.

Steve - You owe me $20 for buying you this weekend.

Matt - Good thing you have a partner, I will always bet on Joe!!

Hook - Nice try

Gary - Sorry you ride with Hook

Perry - 13 yesterday?????

Ken - Thank you for the back up shots


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If the old man continues to shoot good, let's do a pick. If he starts to shoot bad we need to immeadiately change these to draws. LOL.

Mike - Great cooking yesterday. You'll make someone a good wife someday.

Eric/Bre - Always a nice job pulling. Except of course for the one my dad and I missed. I think it was a slow pull.

Hook - Raise your point of impact.

Gary - Don't give up on Hook yet. Soon, but not yet.

Steve - Your rummy game is coming along, now if you could only figure out the shooting part.

Ken S. - It's a good thing Schantz is having a sale on 6's. Someone had to draw Lampen.

Todd - You are my idol.

Louie - You are not my idol.

Doc - Should have bought me!

I think that pretty much somes it up.

Matt Ski

Oh by the way, suck. (Good shooting on the back door!)
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