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Thanks to everyone that showed up, sorry about the confusion. Here are the results.


1st Ken & Jack

2nd Don & Doc, Max & Jim, Tim S and Mike B

2nd Jack & Ken, lost shoot off Trevor & Tom, Chris & Chuck, Brad & Clayton

2nd Harry & Doc, lost shoot off Perry & Brian

3rd Don & Doc, Buck & John, sorry I do not know who won

2nd Tim S & Mike B

4th Buck & Ken, Brian & Perry, sorry I do not know who won

2nd Jack & Steve

5th Brad & Clayton

2nd To many 16's, I do not know who won.

6th Jack & Steve, Ken & Buck

2nd Harry & Doug

7th Gary & Hook - Good shooting Gary!!!!

2nd Tim S & Mike B, Brian & Perry, Chuck & Chris, Do not know who won.

8th Jack and his new partner Steve

2nd Chuck & Blue - Sorry I should have said Chris

1st Calcutta 75 bird pick

1st Jack & Steve

2nd Chuck & Chris

3rd Gary and his partner

4th Doc & Don

2nd Calcutta

Sorry, I do not have the results, but I think Steve won money again.

Hope to see every one on New Years Day, sorry about the confusion today. We will have are stuff together by then.

New Years Day - Protections start at 9:30 auction at 11:30 pick your partner. We will be drawing for the K-80 (for you Perrazi shooters that need to upgrade) and we will be also drawing for a 42" TV - 30 spots for $20.

Happy Holidays to everyone and hope to see you New Years Day.

Matt, don't be scared to show up, we even let Steve win this week.

Mike - If anybody has any questions, give me a call 616-886-0661.

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I think you should just let Bre and Eric run the show, lol. Glad to see you guys had a nice shoot. Not so glad to see Steve win.

Save me a spot for the TV. I feel lucky!

Matt Ski

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Great job on the posts of the shoot sunday, Matt can't win if he's not there. Glad you are shooting so well (2) 1st places "Awesome Job".

Matt maybe you can use some of Doc or my loads For New Years Day, Steve is on fire lately, so is Hook but that is his pipe. The door is open.

Have a good one

Don S.
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