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Thanks to many who helped donate and bid for our Friday Night fund raiser

I do know it will be a tuff road ahead for Wisconsin. We have turnover and some turmoil. However for what I seen Friday night with the outreach of people (not all Wisconsinites either) was encouraging

I will try to get as many as I can remember

Tom Felts and Gary Simonar for the Capt. Matt. High Life Charters

Jim Creighton for EZ pull cordless voice releases via Bob Schultz Target Mark Zauhar for the Winchester Model 70 XTR by Dick and Mary Garey

Jim Creighton once again for Owen Gromme by John Coniff

Kolar’s very own Jeff Mainland Colt M4Indiana Gun Club John Harden

YZ for buying the last Kolar Raffle ticket John Harden added another M4 to the raffle for a $1350 donation YZ and Smokey also donated the ladies raffle

Lee Simonar for the Beretta Tikka T3 Lite .308.

Mary Churchill for the Crown royal Bear

Rhino Lehman and Deanna Gleason for the Bird house

Melinda Mittag quilt to Mr. Ebbers and Janice Fude quilt to Harlan Campbell Custom duck and goose calls by Kevin Fude

The Recob’s for the donation of powder

Lindsey Zauhar for her art work on the live and silent auction.

The Zauhar Family for the Hat raffle and heads or tails game!!!!

R & S engraving for the beautiful Money clip

Boyt Harness Company for the wonderful cases and bags

Jack Swanson for the leather shell pouches and hard case

So many more!!!! My friends from the Manitowoc Gun Club who helped with the fish fry

Our board of directors past and present Volunteers!!!!

Most important is my Wife Mary Becker for letting me do this

Take care all


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Paul. I know how many hours you put in and THANK YOU doesn't say enough. And Mary thank you for putting up with the loss of valuable family time that you loose with Paul. So I will add my thanks again to both of you for your time, money and effort that you give to the shooters of Wisconsin. Thank you.

Oh and to those of you that missed the Perch fry on Friday. You missed one of the best fish dinners you will ever have.

And when people from out of state put in the amount of time, effort and money to support trapshooting in Wisconsin you just have to stand back and say wow. So thank you to the Zauhar's.

And thank you again to everyone that donated by either donating a item or for purchasing a item in the auctions and raffles.
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