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Wingmaster trap stock and forend. Here is a low cost
way to put together an 870 trap or target gun with a straight
stock. This is a straight butt stock with a high comb, here
are the dimensions:

Comb is a slight reverse slope, more drop at the front than
at the back so it will not shoot into cheek. Drop at the
front about 1 1/2 inch, drop at heel about 1 1/4. This gives
about the same fit as the factory straight trap stock.

length of pull with the kick ezz pad is 14 1/8 inch. The pad
is 1 1/8" that is on it right now. length of pull can be
extended by as much as 3/8 inch giving overall LOP 14 1/2
by using a 1 1/2 inch kick ezz.

Recoil device is a gracoil. This along with the kickezz makes
a not bad recoiling gun for high volume target shooting.

There are palm swells on both sides, so can be used left or
right handed with a good feel to it. No cast, just straight.

The stock is about a 1/2 inch taller on the butt end than a
factory one, so there is plenty of room if you want to remove
wood from the top or bottom, for more precise fit, and it
will still give a full size butt area.

The forend is an extended one, similar in length to some
premium Factory stocks that were put on trap guns, and
works for short armed shooters as well as long armed.

All the wood is walnut. The forend is either a Herters or
Fajen, can't remember which.

The butt is walnut and home made, not a work of art, but

If you are looking for something to really make a good fit
for a target gun, then this might work well for you.
Actually it will work pretty well for many without even
changing anything on it.

Price: now the good part, this is not going to cost you

The Butt stock I will sell with the gracoil included for the
price of the gracoil. That makes the stock free. A really
hard to beat price. Gracoil costs $180.
link to gracoil:

If you want the Kickezz that is an additional $30, in the
event that this is the thickness you prefer in a pad. They
come in thicknesses from about 5/8 up to 1 1/2 inch if you
want another size, and I believe the cost usually runs $35
so I am only giving $5 off on the pad. So again, the butt
stock and gracoil is $180 together.

The forend is $35 for just the wood. When you consider that
Remington does not even list the extended one in their parts
list now, if you want an extended one this is a pretty good
deal. If you want the metal forend assembly you can have
the wood and metal together for $50. This is not bad, since
Remington wants $34 for just the metal. This might be the
way to go if you don't have a wrench for the forend assembly
nut. That way you can switch forends without having to
dismantle the wood from the metal.

So there it is, a pretty decent way to get a fairly low
recoil target 870 that fits you, without breaking the
bank, and you don't have to buy more than you want. If
you just want the butt stock, skip the forend and viceversa.

Shipping is extra, but just actual cost, nothing padded here.

pictures:[email protected]/

You can right click on each individual photo and bring up
a larger copy of it.

You can email me at [email protected] if you have any
interest or questions.
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