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Winchester / Olin White Flyer Trap Thrower

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We had one and used it a few times.. I liked the way it threw.. way better than the do-all we have (which throws too fast for me and always in the same direction because we didn't pay more for the wobble).. but a lot of work to move around.

The thrower was just sitting.. mice getting in it.. so I took it apart. I sold a couple parts.. the remote and the thrower/carrier arm.

Now I'm wondering about the rest.. gears, switch, etc..

I'm off ebay now and don't know if it's worth going someplace else to sell the rest of what I have. What I'm wondering is if there really would be much interest from someone in one of the inside parts.. or should I just toss them in the scrap pile to go to the scrap yard?

I could understand the exterior parts which sold.. I see many units being sold w/o the remote or a broken arm.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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