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Still looking for a couple of Winchester Model 42's and 20ga Model 12's. Preference woud be guns with VR's and quality target wood. Engravung a plus either factory or custom. However, will consider almost anything in condition to uggraded. Either 26" pr 28" for the 42'a and a preference for 28" in the 20ga.

Have cash or a K-80 LtWT with a full set of 28" Skeet bbls with Kolar LtWt AAA sib-gauge tubes with a compolete set of tubes plus som extra; K-80 bbls have been back-bpred and forcing cones lengthened to take the /410 tubes - 12ga bbls have been Pro-Oirted and fit with full set of Briley choke tubes.

I also have 4 sets of K-80 wood - 2 have JS Air-Cushion modis - one trap and one skeet plus a custom set of trap wood with adj comb and adj butt-;kate - nice wood and very nice checkerig. Last is a fancy set of Sleet wppd with a schnbel foend lop is 13 7/8 others are standard length

There is also a like-new set of K-80 Pigeons bbls with tapered=step rib and full set of factory chokes.

Please respond via PM with details of your gun - please be specifoc and include price.
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