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Winchester 21 16ga engraved

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Winchester 21, 16ga, double trigger, extractor gun. It is engraved, I have no idea by who, but it looks good. 14-1/2" to front trigger, from white line pad. 28" barrels M/F. made in 1936, 95% blue (the last picture is camera glare) wood has a few hunting marks. There's a story to go with it-the gun was owned by Art Storz of Storz Brewing & founder of Duck Lore at Lisco Nebraska. Duck Lore was a well know duck hunting camp. The gun was purchased from Art's niece in the mid 1960s. This information came from a very trustworthy man, but because I have no documentation , it's only a story, but I believe it to be true.


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I cannot believe this is still here! If I had not just purchased a subgauge Model 21 I would take it. The cheapest subgauge I have seen in years. Not fancy but at that price you could brighten it up but it looks honest as it is. tmc
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