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CA has lots of gun laws. Some people shiver in their boots fearing going to jail if you get caught with this that or the other thing there is a law against.. Others including most of the Police and Sheriff's just ignore them.

I am going to a 3 gun shoot in Santa Barbara on Sunday. There will be police form Santa Barbara shooting with us. Virtually everyone there will be shooting and Illegal AR 15! Everyone there will be fielding magazines with as many shots as they can hold and none will be holding only 10 rounds!

We will all have a good time because nobody with a brain is paying any attention to any of these BS laws that they concoct. Virtually all of them are subject to Court Cases in progress so they don't exist until they are Settled Law and virtually none of them will survive even the 9th Circuit Let alone SCOTUS!

Go have fun and just act right.. As far as not selling things to people under 18, haven't heard of anyone being Prosecuted for that heinous crime? And I doubt anyone will be. All of these laws are designed to just piss people off and scare a few more, and make it harder to buy stuff. There are work arounds for everything.

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