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Why shoot registered ???

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Why shoot registered. Slowly I have discontinued shooting registered targets. In fact this year I will only be shooting my state shoot, nothing else.

I know I will be shooting penalty, but does that matter. At the big shoots, you must shoot near perfect or perfect scores to win or at very least get into a shoot-off.

I think we all have reason to disapprove with decisions either the national body (ATA) or our state associations over the years have made. Personnally I love going to shoots, seeing old friends, spreading the B.S., sharing friendship and commaraderie. But the politics have made it less fun to go. My state has a pretty polarizing event taking place right now and whereever you go, it is a topic discussed and has gotten quite boring.

I have really stated to enjoy just going to the club, shooting some trap or as is the case now with winter, shooting 5 Stand. Shooting leagues with my friends, Having fun. I am now a head coach for my son's brand new high school shooting team and that has been a blast setting up and starting to teach the next generation of new shooters. Everything is based on having fun, going to club, breaking some clays, maybe a pizza or whatever the food choice is and a beverage or two, sharing time with friends.

The biggest complaint is cost. I saw on Kiner post somewhere that rated pretty high as to a problem. I guess when you add up targets, shells, time, gas, food, etc it can get pretty pricey, but it is our hobby of choice we all love, so somewhere that goes away too. We all have spent a small fortune on bags, pouches, vests, reloaders, guns, etc It is what we love.

Youth shooting is one of fastest growing sports in America, and that is despite the cost.

My biggest complaint is with kids doing things, I can not always spend all day at club. Something needs to be done so events can be shot concurrently and timeframe is condensed. If you want younger people in game, you have to consider the time frame it takes to shoot all three hundred in a day

I don't know the answer, just the question. While I love it, just don't know why to do it. Why shoot registered targets ????
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Repeating what I said in another thread:

The question is why they don't stay around more and longer, and I believe the answer is the reality of high scores in the lower classes. I have started several people in registered shooting, and when the get a personal high of 85 in D class, which is won with a 94, they go home very discouraged. I sincerely believe that while nobody is sandbagging, it sure feels that way to the outside observer new to the sport. Solution - change handicapping and introduce an automatic class bump on wins (similar to yardage gain in caps). In addition, use a longer period (2 or 3 yrs) to anchor classification.

There is also the issue of the duration of a registered shot - all day really puts people off when they can do sporting clays in and out. Solution - permit pre-registration and simultaneous events so a shooter could arrive, shoot all events, and go home. I know we want a crowd, but attendance is more important.

So that's my wish list. Never happen, but I think it would improve the sport a lot. I have a kids team that shoots ATA, which requires I attend them. However, if left to my own devices, I think I would shoot more sporting clays and maybe skeet.
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Regardless of the problems in shooting registered targets and the many legitimate reasons why you might not want to shoot registered, the simple answer is that you cannot find out how good a shooter your really are until you test yourself in serious competition. At present, the only serious competition is to be found at larger, registered shoots.

Breaking X00 straight means something if you do it at your local club, but it means a whole lot more to do it against real competition.

Of course, not everyone wants to test themselves this way. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Mark T.
Clubs can break away from the Registered shoots and host programs that are more appealing to the average shooter from a financial point by eliminating the ATA and State Daily fees ... They can charge a flat rate that is all inclucive for targets and options and probably draw some bigger crowds ... The established rules can still be the guidelines for the shoots and the shooters would more or less Police themself, much like they do any way ... Sooner or later something of this nature is going to happen any way, so why not sooner ..? When the big guns show up they can be put in a class all by themself and shoot against each other for their portion of the option money ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
I enjoy shooting ATA. I don't get involved in the politics and I am just a C class short yardage shooter, but I still enjoy it. Martinpicker
Why shoot Registered? For me, I have always been a very competitive person even though I never shot that well. I have not shot registered targets in 7 years and practice shooting got real boring after awhile.

Nowadays, I shoot the winter events and that gives me the competition factor to a lesser degree. In the beginning, I did miss friends that I made over the years and just going out to the area clubs visiting while they shot tournaments was not the answer for me.

In this economy I personally wish that some tournaments would be 50 target events for singles, hdp, and doubles. Politics has always been part of registered shooting but things seem to have gotten worse than years ago.

There seems to be a lot of angry people today in general, not just in the shooting sports. Your being a head coach for your son's shooting team is great, but I am sure it is time consuming and expensive as there are just a certain number of hours in a day.

Don't make the same mistake that I did. I lived, trapshooting 24/7 for years. I woke up one day, and my children were all grown up and married. I will never forget one day when I over heard my son talking when he said to someone that my father was not home often as he was always at the gun club.

I believe, tournament shooting is a single man or woman's sport as it is very time consuming. In my case, neither my wife, son or daughter wanted to go out to the gun club.

If I had it to do over, I would have done things differently. Who knows, maybe someday your son will want to shoot with you and your dad in a tournament setting. Family comes first, to bad I did not realize it until I got older. I know you and your father and you both have a lot to be proud of.
Take care,
Steve Balistreri
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Steve, you truly wrote words of wisdom. I did the same thing you did and am glad that trapshooting is now just a hobby for me instead of an addiction. I had my 15 minutes of glory - broke many 100-straights, two 200-straights and got punched to the 27. But boy, did I miss out on a lot doing it! I know some guys who are great shooters and used to envy them. Now I realize that all they have in life is trapshooting and I feel sorry for them.

Thanks for your post.

To answer your question.
I shoot registerd targets because I truely enjoy it.
I also shot practice and non registered events with friends who have no interest in registering a target. My son has started shooting and I have enjoy that very much.

I don't think it upto the EC or the BOD or anyone else to ensure I have a good time.

When it stops being fun I will take a break or find a new hobby.

I had fun pursuing the things I enjoyed before I took up trap shooting and I will enjoy whatever becomes my next passion. Until then I will shoot trap.

Shawn McNeil
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There is some real soul searching in some of these comments. I started shooting registered targets in the 70's and while walking to the next trap field one sunny Sunday afternoon I saw my wife sitting in a lawn chair and my 4 year old daughter trying to entertain herself while I was shooting. I decided at that moment that I was going to spend my time watching my children do what they enjoyed doing and not have them spend all day at a gun club watching me. I did not shoot another registered target for thirty years. During that time I watched our two active daughters do all kinds of activities. They are both now married and we have 4 grandsons. I have never regretted by decision. I started shooting again a few years ago and am enjoying myself.

I hope no one is offended by my commnents. Everyone has to make their own decisions, but I firmly believe these youngsters need all the parental attention and support they can get. They are only with us a short time and they are then creating their own family.

My wife and I put a lot effort into rearing our children and they make us proud of them ever day.

I shoot some registered targets, but more practice and I am beginning to shoot some games again and it is fun. Shooting is a great sport and I hope all who do it enjoy themselves without regard to their scores.

Mel Daniel
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To all of those that think shooting club shoots and or unregistered events or program hosted by a club is not competitive should try it sometime ... The biggest difference I ever noticed was the Politics was gone and people were just having a good time ... The will to win was still there and the rules were obeyed as if it was the Grand American ... The ATA is not the draw to many clubs, the club itself and the people is the draw most times ... There is no protecting an average, chicken shit when getting classified and or cutting off entry's if someone is there and ready to shoot ... There is a lot to be said for trapshooting as a sport rather than a life style or addiction that needs to be fed ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
I have a friend that attends every league, fun and jackpot shoot my club has, but he never shoots ATA. He said he use to years ago, but he rather not have the pressure. John
I will be shooting ATA registered shoots within my state (CT) for the first time this year. Just been doing trap for one year so far. At this time, I would say I do 88 out of 100 at 16 and if all the stars align, perhaps 92. Something I always wanted to do and also I will be shooting at many of the private clubs in ATA, which otherwise, I would not ever get a chance to see or shoot at.

We will see how it goes. Should be fun.

Why registered? Well it has to do with personal goal setting and the desire for competition which in itself is motivational.

Not many get to the elite status of being a 'big dog' but we like having the big dogs around as a bench mark if nothing else on how the game should be played. On a good day you may even luckout and outshoot the big dogs and there aren't too many better feelings than that.

But as others have indicated you can still have alot of fun in non-registered events and it is good to mix them up. The main thing to remember is that the game is supposed to be fun.
I have done alot of things, I chased shoots, enjoyed all I went to. Have never asked my state or national organization create my fun, that happened naturally while I was at a shoot having fun doing something I loved. Have had the opportunity to both shoot with my dad and my son and was able to watch both win trophies. I even watched my son make All-State team and win a state trophy.

But the truth is at regular registered shoots, return wise in form of trophy or money is non -existant compared to cost. Time it takes is also a huge factor. While my son and I shoot, my daughters do not so spending all day at gun club is a luxery not the norm. If registered shooting is to survive, changes must take place. Multiple entries, concurrent events, less shoots per zone on given day to increase turnout and provide some form of trophy, to name a few ideas.

I still don't have a good idea to shoot registered. But I see the aspect of it dying and if something doesn't change I believe it will die, a very slow death but a death none the less.

Any other ideas out there?
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I love the competition, it is very similar to wrestling (I was a wrestler lol)and when you win or fail, its just you. Its also a education on controling your mind to excel. Both my wife and I do it, great sport for a couple. And as far as ATA where else, can a 14 year old lady, shoot off agaisn't the top all-American in the where. If you are a golfer you don't shoot off with Woods or Mickleson, heck no, but in registered ATA you "possibly" can shoot with some of the best, now that Ladies & Gents is one of the great things in our sport. I have never been to a shoot that 95% or more of the people are just dang good people, that also says a lot for our sport. I have also noticed if your wife is cute with a nice figure and well endowed...........all the old guys will trip over themselves to help her. ha ha ha ha. Scott
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To be talked about on
Started shoting in the 50's. Raising a large family,my shooting was limited. When I could get 5 bucks together, I went shooting. The 10 bird merchandise shoots were fun. We shot red birds,10 bird buddy shoots etc. Shooting was not expensive at this level. Next move up was trophy shoots,club champion, county champion shoots. Started going to the Grand in 1957,what a thril. I thought some day I want to shoot registered and win a Grand trophy.(which I did in 2005) I came into some money in 1977 and started shooting more registered. I soon found out this was not a poor man's game. Unless you are a born superstar,you are going to spend a ton of money to achieve being a respectable trapshooter. I found out that shooting 3-5 hundred reg. targets + the games each week was expensive. The more I shot, the more I improved. Yet the 24 1/2 yd. line was the best I ever got. Breaking 95-96-97s,1-98 was the best handicap scores with a few 50 straights was the best Grand scores I could accomplish. I shot over 100,000 registered while raising a family of 6 children. I missed out on a lot! It was fun but I enjoyed the games more. In my twilight years,I still shoot the games. My registered is nearing an end. Getting ready to go shoot some Annie's as I type this.
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There are roughly 300,000,000 people in the United States, according to the 2012 average book I just recieved, there are about 28,000 (thousand) registered ATA trapshooters in the world. I dont know when or at what level ATA membership peaked, but it would appear a lot of shooters are asking this question. I shoot registered targets because I enjoy the competition, fellowship, and challenge shooting registered targets provides to me.
Registered targets are definitely not for everyone.

It takes a commitment of time and money that isn’t always possible.

Everyone needs to find the balance between, shooting, family, work etc.

For some that means only an afternoon at the club every couple of weeks.

I hope everyone finds away to keep shooting at some level.

It is a great sport filled with lots of good people.

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