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Why Not?: Get Historical "Place" Status

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I hope this is not the wrong area to post this. I sincerely have been concerned, given that I live in urban Los Angeles, (that) shooting parks face extinction (in part) due to encroachment by changes in the land use surrounding the shooting park...I did see the South Gate Gunclub cease to be due to a variety of "civic" reasons.

So...why not work on getting various shooting venues classified as "places of historical importance and culture" so that the park will be there in perpetuity? This would be analagous to making certain buildings historical monuments, land grants given to communities to be used as parks only, etc. I have often felt that shotgunning clubs all, in some way, due to architecture, activity, patina, etc. wonderfully take us back to a bit of "yesteryear" which in my case is therapeutic and grounding.

I am sure others are much better educated re. this procedure and whether or not my thought/implicit suggestiion is practical or totally naive?

Thanks, and I apologize if this doesn't belong under this part of the discussion...wasn't sure if to place here or under the "political" section. It has been something that I have thought of years ago and mentioned to some others with little or no reaction even "that's a dumb idaea" or "atta boy, that is a pretty good idea" etc...

David Buchman
Los Angeles
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Why Not?: Get Historical

That is worth exploring.

I do know that "Historical Property" status also comes with strings attatched. Buildings cannot be remodeled without extensive plan approval, paint must be the "correct" color, etc.
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