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A few weeks ago I received a PM from a gentleman nicked named Rosey (John Rosebrock)

He was reading my thread about My Bundy duck collection. He had asked me if I had ever seen any Book Ends that where made by the John Bundy Company.

I had indicated to him that I have never seen any of them and that I would be most interested in seeing some photos of them.

He told me that he would have to look around and see if he could find them.

I didn't here back from Rosey until a few days ago...

He asked me if I was still interested in the bookends. I indicated that yes I was and he sent me some photo's of the bookends.

They where truly magnificent. I asked him what he needed to get for them...

His reply was: Just send me your mailing address and I will send them to you for your collection...

I was flabergasted! (I don't think this is how you spell it, but you get what I mean.)

The bookends just arrived and they are way better than what the pictures showed!

They are now proudly on display in my Gunroom with the rest of my Bundy Duck collection.

Because of my disability, and not being able to work or shoot anymore, the things that keep me going are my Family, especially my 4 year old grandson, Benny and adding things to my collection, working and maintaining my web site and the friends that I found over the years here on

With fine generous friends like Rosey, your outlook on life becomes much brighter!

Again, Rosey let me take this opportunity to thank for your generous jester...

By the way, there is a little something, something on the way to thank you...



Here is a picture of my main man...Benny!


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Great story and yes there are some great people on this site. I have had numerous request over the years for items needed on this site, and truth be told, people just sent them to me without any charge.

I am from the old school way off thinking that one hand washes the other, and although these fine people may not want money, I have always found something they are interested in to send them as a thank you.

Like I have always said, we are members of the greatest fraternity in all of sport. Sure we argue at times, but when the chips are down and one of us needs help in any way we band together.

The bookends are really nice.
Take care,
Steve Balistreri

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I sent John Bundy an email and some photos this morning asking him to give me a little information on these bookends. When they where made and so on.

Here is a copy of the email he just sent me. I thought it was very interesting story...



That is a great story and a wonderful gift.

I made bookends for several years, and everyone liked them. The “two” ½ duck bodies were in fact carved out of one piece and cut apart after all sanded, which is why they match so close, which always seemed to fascinate people. Having 8 separate pieces to mess with made them somewhat expensive, but at the time when more people appreciated craftsmanship, and the effort put into them they sold well. Lots of graduation presents, and gifts for people that sit at a desk like a banker. These where made in the late 70's and early 80's.

To help on the costs and get them done I had an old retired friend of mine actually make the bases, which helped me as well as helping him to have some mad money to supplement his social security. Then Joe died and so the bookend base job was taken over by another old retired woodworker that had a little shop down the road a couple of miles.

Then Don died too and in time the family had an auction, and I bought all of Don’s equipment, with the intention of insulating and heating another wing of my barn and setting it all up, for my son, Jason to take it over. But I never proceeded with the shop plans, because my son Jason had to get a job elsewhere. So with no one available to help me I had to discontinue making anymore bookends at that time.

Last year some people that live in Marina Del Rey in CA. were walking on the beach and saw this thing floating in on the tide, which turned out to be a Bundy bookend, just one half, with no head. It has been in the ocean for a while, but the could still read the Bundy name and looked up the web site and sent it to me, like Rosey did, I sent them a nice finished Bundy Little Ruddy as a thank you. Should be a good story as to how the bookend ended up in the Pacific???


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Great story, I have also sent members here stuff and had members send me stuff

But a couple years ago I sent some guy a belt for his John Deere 2210's mower, they run about $140 but I had traded the mower off and had no need for it, he hardly said thanks, I had to call him to see if he got it

But I will still help anybody that I can
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