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Why are Blasers Being Sold at Reduced Prices?

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Less than 1 year ago, I didn't see a used Blaser F3 trap for less than about $8000. Now I find quite a few more being offered at much lower prices than I had seen in June. I have recently learned that a prominent dealer in my area is no longer carrying their models. I've also spoken with a local shooter who had a bad experience with their service. There's obviously something that I missed. What's the deal? Are there consistent problems with customer service or product reliability? Are the guns overpriced for their value? I have no clue. Thanks for the help.

Scott Felix
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What you are experiencing is older models v newer models- it is a process of being educated on the differences

The market wasnt great for the older models and even though some updates are made they are still appearence wise and function and balance and rib wise- the older models that didnt sell well then and are selling worse now.

It isnt that anything is wrong with them mechanically because if it is Blaser will make it right

It is the fickle nature of the market

Regards from Iowa

The economy is tough and at their price the competetion is tough. They are good guns maybe bad timing. If it don't sell at x dollars try 10% off....20% off.... jim w.
I would agree with Gene, and would also observe that it may be a smart move to get these guns into widespread use. They are prevalent in my area. Many folks with extremely deep pockets are shooting these because they simply outperform the competition.

This was my case. I have moderately deep pockets when it comes to my passions (firearms, fitness, and bicycling), am willing to cut down or out on other spending, and bought the Blaser because it immediately took my shooting to a higher level, besides being a pure pleasure to shoot.

Now, after the deal has been closed, I would have paid substantially more than what my Luxus cost. Price was not the deciding factor, but pure, brute performance.

I figure I am not alone in this. As far as ONE person's experience, both sides have not been told. There is likely another side to a company with superb service not covering repair on one certain arm.
They are on the 4th or 5th generation so the older guns that haven't shown the owner the " pure brute performance"(HaHa) Are being dumped on the market
They are competing against the gold standard of the P and K guns.
Like Gene says it is the older F3 that is selling cheaper, they were never in demand and it's sheer style was not attractive, very poor sellers.

When they post a picture look at the rib it is not a F3 Super Trap

Gary Bryant
I've only seen one Blaser selling at a steep discount and its an older trap model. Everything else has been selling at fair prices.

Lol on the over engineered comment. It's a gun not a sports car.
Blasers have an amazingly poor level of owner loyalty. That means bargains are available, new and used, if you're sure you like them and intend to keep long term. Be careful though, they do have mechanical problems more than one would expect of a decent shotgun. In December I shot a Calcutta next to a guy with one six months old and he had so many no-booms (about 1-in-3) he walked off the line in the middle of a round. It had already been in for repairs for the same problem once before. His shells were new and fired fine when he handed them to others.

The hilarious part is that many of the very the people who "loved" them and talked Blasers up the most, like Longshot, sold theirs too.

Anyway, if you KNOW you want one, just be happy and scoop up a bargain.

Didn't mean to get your panties all in a bunch smokie. If you feel it's over engineered, who am I to tell you otherwise. have a great day
are club is loaded with 20,000 dollar k guns I have a great k gun. The new blaser supersports are taking our club over. everyone has there own opinion about a great shotgun But this new design with the adjustable everything and fab trigger will grow in a hurry.
What I want to know is, what is a "Luxus"? MIke
To Smokin'Joe's defense, Germans can't make anything simple. I've never seen a German mouse trap, but I have no doubt that it has over 1000 parts.
Tron: From a guy who loves Krieghoffs, that is a good one !!! I have to admit.

Got a great chuckle out of the German mousetrap! My grandfather brought back a camera from his time in the ETO and when I opened it, it was a maze of machinery. Fascinating in its intricacy but also humorous in it's complexity. I never know whether to be in awe of the design and intelligence in it's complex nature or wonder if there is a serious mental problem with the designers.

Thanks for all of the input. It really helps in my search for an upgrade. I have felt connected to the stock construction of the Italian models but there are so many shooters around me (including full-blooded Italians) who won't shoot anything but a k-gun. I currently have an SKB 85TSS which has served me well but I've had to replace too many parts in the last year or two and I'm ready to graduate. The broken parts have, however, given me the chance to hone some gunsmithing skills that I didn't know I possessed.

Just for my information, what characteristics do I need to look for to determine if a Blaser is a newer model? I have studied the k-guns, Perazzis and Guerinis a lot more than the Blasers. The Blasers that I have seen have always been the F3 series and had the high trap ribs and black receiver finish.

Thanks again to all who participated.

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I don't know the specifics on how to determine which are the old receivers vs the new. A lot of the older receivers are grey but they may be completely updated. The super trap is the latest trap model the older version is the American Trap which had a lower non adjustable rib on the O/U and the unsingle rib looks very different from the current model.

Rebel sympathy, a Luxus is the upgrade from the standard version .It gives give you an engraved nickel receiver with upgraded wood. There are additional grades available above and beyond the luxus.
At the Grand, a Blaser dealer stated to me that the reason
that Blaser sales were slow was because the guns were priced
to high from Blaser.
On an earlier post it stated that the low prices were because of "new models". How do you tell a new F3 from an old one? Ser. #?
A significant part of the initial interest was generated by seeing some of the very top shooters (I'm talking Sporting Clays) using them. They were allegedly being paid huge bucks by Blaser to shoot them and pimp them. Virtually everyone I personally know that tried them ended up going back to another gun. If you're getting 50-75 grand to shoot one you tend to shoot it and say nice things about it. Bottom line, this group of shooters could be using any top brand gun and still outperform everyone else. Blasers are certainly not a horrible gun by any means. But, my personal belief is that any of the top 10 shooters using them are doing so primarily because of the cash. Really the same can be said about all the major gun companies in that they pay handsomely to have their guns in the hands of winners. Just good business and cheap advertising.
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