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Who pays for mistakes?

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How long have you waited for the freight payment?

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It seems to me return freight is almost always the buyers problem. At least when your buying over the INTERNET. May not be right, but that is usually the way it is if you want your money back. At least in my experience. Unless of course, return costs are agreeded to up front.
If it was advertised incorrectly....It's on the seller.

I would split it and take the loss, it can't be so much that its worth worrying about ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
The seller is responsible for all costs and their TS name noted for as a warning to other potential buyers.
I would have told him to send me back my check, if he still had it, along with a little extra for the shipping. Then again if it was a good deal, and could sell the stock, and come out better, I would have done that.
In this case, seller. Plain n simple, misrepresentation of goods. However, principals are harder to find than they once where!
On the Seller. If he does not pay, let us know who, so we don't have to do Business with Him. I am with Pre-64. A Mans word is all one has, we will see His.
I am reluctant about the posting of the names of sellers, without hearing both sides of the story. That is if they are truthful, of course. See if there is a resolution first.
Mia is about as fair as fair can get, if you got a problem with him you really got a problem ... Jack is a man of the highest Honor ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
If it had been me, I would have paid the return shipping, without contest. It was obviously an honest mistake and the supplier/shipper sent the stock promptly, and refunded your money by tearing up the check. He was already out the shipping cost on his end and, in my view shouldn't be expected to take the loss both ways. I've always subscribed to "you pay on your end & I'll pay on my end" unless we agree to different arrangements. Sometimes a small outlay buys a lot of good will. ;-)

Relax Jack. Us in the know, know you to be fair and just. That's all that matters. That and whether you have enough Cab to get you thru the night. LOL

Rick in MT
I don't believe crunch had even mentioned your name (you did that yourself and his )...he just asked a question about a poorly handled transaction.... and you went off on him? Are you gonna do the right thing by him or not?
nothing worst than a hair splitter. Pre, this case is closed for the particiapnts. let it go, please
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