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Who makes the best AR15's for coyote hunting?

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Who makes the best AR15

New to coyote hunting. I shoot left handed so I am considering an AR15 in .233 caliber 53-55 gr. bullet.

Would appreciate your thoughts on the make and model you would recommend in the middle to upper range price.

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Only two companies make lefties that I know of, Stag and Rock River.

Sorry, I wasn't clear in my original post.

I don't want to buy a left handed bolt action rife for coyote hunting, but I do want a right handed AR15.

Thanks again.
I have a Rock River Varmint, 20". It's a tack driver with a great trigger out of the box. About 8 pounds. My son has a Stag Varmint, 24" barrel, 12.5 pounds. Also a tack driver, But if you are going to do a lot of walking for coyote set ups, weight is important.
Being a lefty as you stated you are, why would you not buy a left handed AR as postmastertim above suggested? The two companies he listed which make left handed AR's are two of the best period. I have (2) Stags myself. Great accuracy out of the box. Not the best time to be trying to find a good deal on an AR though.
My son is a lefty and so is his Stag 6L varminter. Stag's website says orders are 1 year out.
I am a lefty and my Sig AR is a delight to shoot(buit in deflector)and will shoot clover leaf groups all day long.
Maybe some guys just like burning hot brass and powder gasses in their face. Some people like to be tied up in bed? Who knows why anybody does anything.Jeff

Are you saying you like to be tied..........uh......never mind, I don't want to know.
They are all good enough for yotes. It's the load you can work up for the gun that's most important. If you don't reload, then you will have to experiment with factory. Get a good scope too.

Grntitan, allow me to answer your question with a couple of questions. What percent of the shooting population in the U.S. is left handed? Which is easier to get your money out of the gun if you decide to sell, a left handed or right handed gun?

SuperXJeff, As a left hand shooter, I have never had a single issue with burning hot brass and powder gasses in my face when shooting right handed guns. All of my guns are right handed.
I suspect you don't shoot much.Jeff
Maybe you should research why Stag Arms was founded. It wasn't because the World needed another AR manufacture. I'll give you a hint. There was a high demand for left handed AR15's as leftys got tired of having hot brass fly past their face. I never buy a gun thinking gee I wonder what the next owner might want. I buy to suit my own needs. To each his own though.
Les Bear (spelling) is only 8-10 months out right now, from what ive been told he used to be in a partenership with Rock River, now building guns under his own name. They make some beautiful guns. The price point is quite a bit more then a RRA or stag, but they are more readily available. They make them in a few different calibers from .204 up to .308, for sure, maybe more calibers. I owned RRA stuff and loved it, I traded mine to get a better trap gun, im kicking myself now as I wish I still had it. Like someone else said, put the best glass on it you can afford. I had a M-223 Nikon scope on mine, it would shoot fist sized groups at 600 yards.
The AR platform is ambydex. It's really not a big deal to shoot a righty AR if you are a lefty. Operating levers and charging handles are amby on most models.

Depends how much you shoot.
I would buy a decent AR and REALLY good optics. (for hunting).
Thanks you Setterman and thanks to the others who replied with helpful information.
Hey Garry

Why kill a animal mister tough guy. Try some trapshooting or even Sporting
Clays.I grey up in Alaska and when we did have to hunt we ate what we shot.
Oh look the name of this web site is " . Listen killing animals to see how your guns shoots aint cool dude. That went out with Buffalo's.
Be cool to things man. Think. Evan a old mangy coyote has a mate and pups.

I too am a lefty. A few months before the SHTF, I got my Rock River AR Predator Pursuit. It took over 9 months come in. They claim that the Wilson barrel was the hold-up. It is a great shooter but it is heavy with the 20" bull barrel. Anyway, I have two kids who will also share this rifle, so I opted for the right hand model. No regrets. The only thing you can not set-up on the left is the forward assist. The brass deflects high and does not cross your field of view. Don't rule out the right hand models as it will open up many more options.

Garry, shoot as many coyotes as you can. Calracer doesn't have a clue how many there are and the damage they do to fawns, rabbit nests, game birds, and other critters.
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