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White Creek Gunstock Blanks will be in Las Vegas, Nevada attending the SHOT Show and the Beinfeld Show from January 13 through 18. If you will be there and would like me to bring anything special by way of shotgun or rifle blanks, please email or PM and let me know. I'll have room for about 100 pieces and would like to give my clients and prospective clients the chance to actually touch blanks of their choice before they buy.

I can bring Royal (Black) Walnut, English Walnut, Myrtlewood, Maple, Hawaiian KOA and a chunk or two of Bastogne Walnut and Screwbean Mesquite. Let me know what you'd like to see and hold and I'll start selecting from the inventory. You can pick and pay in Las Vegas and I'll ship to you or your stockmaker after the show. No need to try to stuff stock blanks into your luggage.

Let me know at [email protected] or call at 541-597-2118. I'll be on my cell from January 10 through January 19 at 541-441-6222. We can meet anywhere that you choose.

Regards and Happy New Year, Mike Mann
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