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Which Doubles machine

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Our club has some interest in purchasing a doubles machine. Which doubles machine allows a very simple change over from singles to doubles with out alot of time between set ups. And what double machine do you recommend? Thanks Ken
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pat trap is the only way to go if interested call me vince valois
One word, PAT.
Its hard to call anyone when they don't leave a number.
Pat with the wobble option, you want a challenge shoot wobble doubles, that will humble the best of shooters!!!
GMV Super Star. You change 3 settings on the right side of machine and 3 settings on the left side of machine and you are good to go. Takes less than 2 minutes. HMB
And GMV is much cheaper than a PAT.
They are also fairly easy to maintain, the main problem is keeping pieces of target from the middle of the turrent when the target carriage goes around.
And VERY easy to switch from singles to doubles and with the wobble option you can throw some pretty wild targets.
Thanks We have a GMV dealer close to us in Dryden Mi. I will be giving him a call.
2500 HD, Is GMV presently making the Super Stars?
Our new PROMATIC Signature Series Double ATA Machine is by far better than our Pat Traps.

Easier change over,Easy Table adj.for horizontal Targets, No hyd. motors or oil.
Many will not agree with me, but I have seldom ever seen good doubles off a Pat Trap. They do not fly straight like the old Winchesters but fall off in a hook/slice pattern. Just my observation/opinion.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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