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Where to shop

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Wheres the best place in vegas to shop for vests, bags, guns and fun stuff?
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When you find out... let me know too!

The Clark County range offers a few hats and range embroidered and logo'd items. Sportsman's Warehouse has a variety of items... I haven't checked out Bass Pro.

There are a number of gun stores, catering mainly to handgun and rifle, no one seems to
be going after the shotgun shooting patron...

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There is a place across I-15 from the strip that you can shoot machine guns for a high fee that has some neat stuff in the showroom. I was in there about 4-5 years ago. Don't remember the name of it. It was a cool place. Don't know if it still open.

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We searched a few places, we were at clark county shooting complex and it was an amazing facility except that its ran by the county so they dont care.
The clubhouse has only a few beretta shirts/hats.
We made do with what we had and continued shooting.
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