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What's the lowest score that got you yardage?

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I remember a cold, rainy and windy one day shoot a few years ago. I didn't win the handicap but I got 1/2 yard with an 82. How many of you have come in with worse scores and earned some yardage, several I'll bet.

Note: One of the guys on my squad that day broke a 78 and was a happy man. When I asked him why such glee, he said the 78 RAISED his average.

Shoot well.
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82 also and because I didn't play the money two people with lower scores than that split the pot.
Don't think you'll see scores that low again win yardage with the new rules.
I think it was an 86. I was shooting at a small 3 trap club in Kentucky. Several of my squadmates were doing REAL WELL on the first 3 traps until they got to that last one where...according to them at least...."a wheel fell off".
One of those shooters went on later that year to "put it all together just in time" and won the Grand American Handicap.
I think it was a 92.....way back when got me 1/2 yd.
Lots of "wheels falling off" before big shoots these days!
91 here for me...a nasty windy me a symbolic punch
Got a yard for a 91 on a preliminary day at the Spring Grand in 1987. Shot into a 25 mph headwind. It is a vivid memory because I tied Daro Handy for high that day.
In March of 75 a score of 83 got me a yard. The
next score which got a half yard was 78. I still remember the day. It progressively worsened. First 100 singles was chilly and windy. By the second hundred singles, cold and windy. By the handicap it was snowing and at times the target was barely visible or you got hit in the eye by snow. I had just gotten a new Fajen stock for my Perazzi Comp 1 the day before. I was madder than a hornet with that score. I had won both singles with 97's. Well when it was over and I had won by 5 targets, it was a good day and the stock did it all for me.LOL The last event, doubles was cancelled because you couldn't hardly see the traphouse by then.

We got stuck going up a hill on the way home.
Took a 1/2 yard for an 89 once. That was the lowest I can remember getting a punch for, three of us took yardage that day for 89's. 3 way shootoff for champion, one of the shorts beat me so he took Champion while I took Mid & the other guy took short and we all took the punch.
I got a 1/2 yard in Lewiston Idaho at the icicle shoot one year with a 81,I won the B class doubles and was high gun in all classes with a 69,It was -14 with a 20mph wind I was down to pulling the trigger with my thumb on the last station cause the others fingers wouldn't work.Jerry
I saw lots of wheels fall off in my day.Sandbagging weenies.
91 in a cold rain (from the 25.5)
I think it was a 90 maybe an 89 shot at Skwyay in St. Pete during a FL chain shoot.
An 89 got me a 1/2 yard punch to the 27. High gun was a 92 if I remember correctly. It was about 40 degrees and raining with a NW wind. I EARNED it. My dear friend John Finley RIP, signed my average card.

Ron Burr
I must start going to smaller shoots....Never punched for less than 95
47. 1999 Grand. 100th Anniversary. Too many people showed up, so they shortened the Handicap to get the events in that day.

Bob Falfa
Lol,'re the winner!
48 got me a half yard in a 50 bird handicap 2 years ago.
87 got me a half yard, warm summer day my first reg shoot ever. I shot first squad, was high on the squad and everybody on every squad thereafter broke a 86 or less ( mostly 86s). I couldn't believe I beat all off those seasoned shooters.
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