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Whats the deal with 3 hole? What will it solve?

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Why is there such a push by many to go back to "3 hole" settings? What is it going to solve?

The good shooters will still be good shooters. The Big Dogs will still be Big Dogs.

Kids will still sit in their room playing video games instead of wanting to shoot trap.

Shot will still be $35+ per bag

Model 12s will still be in the back of the safe

Gas will still be $3.50 a gallon

and 1960 is still 53 years ago and it aint coming back
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not to mention,

Black and white tv with 3 stations,

4 track tape players,

white wall tires,

persimmon drivers, hickory shaft clubs,

baseballs' reserve clause,

and pre-'64 Civil Rights...

it really wasn't better in the old days....
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>they try 2 hole bowling balls but 3 is still more popular
>gas ran between 19 and 29 cents
>doctors made house calls
>you could go shopping and fill 3 shopping carts for 25.00
>you still had a honest government
>and making things easyer, doesn't make it better !!!!!
Doesn't matter. The Genie is out of the bottle. 2 hole targets forever.
The clubs can throw 3 hole targets any time they wnat to, Nothing stopping them.

3 Hole 45-47 degree and 50-52 yard targets and 1200 fps shells put INTEGRITY back in the sport. The thing that the ATA and BOD lost when they made those changes alone was INTEGRITY of the sport, plus they lost their INTEGRITY to enforce the rules on the clubs that threw 2 hole non regulation targets.

But they threw out the club manager that started in the first place for life.

We need a strong ATA President w/INTEGRITY and a BOD with INTEGRITY.

I believe the TOP SHOOTERS will still be the top shooters, you won't change that. The present 27 yardage shooters that cannot maintain the 90% or better required average will have to move forward until they learn how to break targets again.

Those shooters that cannot maintain a 90% average on their present yardage should not be allowed to fefuse reductions. Especially the 27 yard line.

Just look at the averages on the shooters that complain I want to stay on the 27 yard line, I want to be like the BIG BOYS well you are not a big dog shooter
you are what we call a WHELP that is a puppy.

I am now 71 years old will be 72 in a couple of months what do I have to gain wanting a rule enforced that should have never been changed and an option that they they can refuse reduction.

What ever the ATA yardage was mailed to me I took w/o complaining.

Nothing worse than a BOD making rules and changes w/o approval by the members
or changing rules that were made many years ago.

This is the only sport I know of that made things easier and dumbed down TRAPSHOOTING.


Gary Bryant
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"The "clubs" can throw 3 hole targets any time they wnat to, Nothing stopping them."

Another lame statement.
What will 3 hole solve?

Are there throngs of people waiting in their driveway with guns and shells loaded in their car chompin at the bit as they wait for the rule change?

Are more young shooters going to continue to shoot after daddy and gramps stop paying the freight?

I think there are those who look at the past through rose colored glasses.

What problem will it solve?

I'm not against it or for it, I just want to know
"What problem will it solve?"

none. The whiners think that going back to 3 hole targets will make the game harder for the 27yd big dogs, thus allowing the whiners to win. But it will just make it harder for the whiners and they will still lose.
Well the Big Dogs would lose at least 1 to 2 points oft there 16 yd average and 3 or more on caps. the average shooters of today would quit because they would drop way to many target and woudn't have the drive to try and get better, there use to easy targets and hand outs.
So what you are saying is: It will thin out the herd by eliminating thr non-hackers and improving the quality of the shoots.
Probably nothing unless we accompany it with yardage beyond the 27. Kay's Handicap average actually went up slightly the year we threw 'em in the 3 hole!!
Ollie has the solution, although nobody will want to hear it. Change the 27 yard limit to no limit at all. When they get back to 40 yards and they are still winning, God Bless them. That's certainly doubtful and it would level the playing field eventually. Won't stop the sandbaggers though, but they just get in their own way.
If we continue to throw soft targets we may as well join a skeet club.
Should we revert to three hole there will be a happy group...however there will be a new group that will become the p&mers! No change, busniess as usual. Jake
Why dont the ATA at least try some of these suggestions.
Model 12's in the back of the safe ..? Not my safe, matter of fact they got their own safe ... WPT ... (YAC) ....
Use 1 in your post you say it will help. Please explain how it will help or what it will help. What are you trying to make better? If it doesn't bring more shooters it ain't helping, so please tell us how it will bring more shooter.
3 holers all want change but cant/wont articulate what needs fixed and what they are trying to accomplish.

3 hole will not take you back in time, nor will it move the Grand back to Ohio, nor will it improve attendance, and you won't win more shoots.

Again I ask, why do you guys want 3 hole targets? If we all were shooting 98+ averages, I could understand but we are not
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