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what's next?

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I have a friend and fellow shooter who tells me he recently had a conversation with a ATF agent in a local gun store where he was informed that the agent had personally seen the final draft for a proposed law that would ban all lead projectiles. While this law has not been passed, the agent seemed to think it would be introduced and passed.

This young man is a college professor, ultra conservative, and a former gun designer for a prominent defense contractor. I have no reason whatsoever to think he has made this up. He does not plan to sell any guns but to buy projectiles of other materials, such as copper rifle and pistol bullets, and tungsten, bismuth or steel for shot.

He did, however, go right out and sell all his lead shotshell loading equipment. He said he would just buy whatever he would need in the way of shotshells from now on.

In my view, this would just about kill the clay target sports.

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Bet the city police budgets will scream about the increased cost,,,,or maybe they will stop practicing....
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