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Many are unhappy in the business:

"We have been gearing up for over three years for October 1, 2013, with continuing education, on-line training modules, testing and certification, and broker summits/trainings in order to be prepared and ready to sell on the online Healthcare Exchange ( With all the preparation and anticipation, here we sit today with no ability to sell on the Exchange, let alone quote or even view any plans! Many of our individual clients in Wisconsin have been calling us, sharing their frustration, and we are no less frustrated as well. Individuals in other states are penning articles about their experiences, just like Maggie Thurber for Ohio Watchdog.
We are taking healthcare reform one day and many times, one hour at a time, as we all continue to “navigate” through a new world of health insurance purchasing. Our HIRSP clients have now received letters stating that their policies will be terminating December 31, and yet, here we are not able to help them fully.

Under these circumstances, here is my advice for health insurance seekers. If you (or your employees) are not eligible for the Federal subsidy (premium reduction) because of your household income, then there is no reason to remain frustrated with We can assist with quoting and enrollment directly with the insurance carriers, who are operating off of the Exchange. And there are more options off the Exchange than on! How’s that for more competition?"

How many more of these scenarios are ongoing? A thousand? Ten Thousand?

Is the air finally coming out of Oblama's balloon?

I certainly hope so.

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